A career in Health Care.

Posted: November 5th, 2022

A career in Health Care.


Write an essay discussing why you want to pursue a career in health care and what qualities you possess that would make you a contributing member of that profession. Describing your journey and experience of being a nurse and how it relates to your beliefs about nursing and related values and visions for the future.A career in Health Care.



I have had the desire to become a nurse since the longest time I can remember. I began to look after children at the age of 10 and provide first aid to them when injured as we played. I have had a longing to become a nurse since my primary and secondary school. My passion to care for people and alleviate their suffering aggravates my desire to pursue nursing as a career. I am also emotionally stable which helps me manage stressing situations such as those encountered in the healthcare settings. I also have good communication skills and empathy which helps me to show compassion and communicate effectively to suffering individuals. I have interpersonal skills and I am attentive to details which is critical with the sensitive hospital cases.A career in Health Care.
My journey towards achieving my professional goal involves enrollment to a nursing school to pursue a nursing course. This will provide the relevant and necessary theoretical knowledge and skills for healthcare practice. In order to work effectively, legally and safely, it is essential to keep up to date with the changes, new skills and technologies of the healthcare system. Gaining professional experience from healthcare settings through internships helps translate theoretical concepts into practice.
The journey and experience of being a nurse relates to my nursing beliefs in various ways. I believe in service leadership and provision of indiscriminate care to all. This entails integrity, diversity, commitment, compassion, competence and communication among other values. My vision for the future practice entails the provision of culturally based practice. This is supported by my values and beliefs about caregiving and seeks to ensure equity, equality and fairness in nursing.A career in Health Care.

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