APNs Quality Standards.

Posted: November 13th, 2022

APNs Quality Standards.


The standards and requirements for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses apply to institutions of higher learning and healthcare professionals. These standards improve knowledge on ow to develop, deliver and evaluate Advanced Nursing Practice education programs. Every registered ANP is guided by professional values and principles, which are a major foundation for moral and ethical behavior in everyday decision-making when caring for patients, interacting with families and the society.  APRNs are governed by five major principles according to the Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics for RNs. These principles include: respecting patients dignity, maintaining professional accountability and responsibility, quality practice, upholding patient’s trust and confidentiality and collaborative practice. APNs Quality Standards.


Basing on the quality of practice principle, informatics can be used to improve the quality of care by integrating technology in healthcare delivery to improve efficiency and promote safety Trough reduction of medical and medication errors. According to the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), technology has influenced significant changes in the duties of professionals in HIM meet the demands of the rapidly growing digital workspace (Evans, 2016). EHRs systems ensure that critical health information is available for healthcare providers for optimal quality and safe care. It guarantees value for using health data in: clinical decision-making, planning, managing, resource deployment, surveillance of diseases, education and research (Fenton et al., 2017). APNs Quality Standards.

For instance, when a EHRs systems in integrated in clinical settings, it can be used alongside mobile applications, by multisite teams, in physician offices and by healthcare consumers. As emphasized by Evans (2016), its use in healthcare delivery will increase the quality and standards of data, improve identity management and interoperability, enhance data privacy and confidentiality. Besides, information governance will be more critical. APNs Quality Standards.

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