Banner Healthcare Discussion

Posted: January 11th, 2023

Banner Healthcare Discussion

The health care organization of choice is Banner Health organization. Established in 1999 and headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, the organization is one of the largest non-profit organizations in the United States (Gonzalez, 2018). It is also the largest private employer in Arizona. Further, the organization oversees Medicare Advantage insurance in a valley known as University Care Advantage. It also oversees an AHCCCS plan known as Banner University Family Care. Banner Healthcare operates 29 facilities of healthcare such as family health clinics, home care programs and long-term facilities of healthcare. The organization operates in nine states both in the Western and Mid-Western States. Its establishment was as a result of the unifying of Luteran and Samaritan Health Systems. Service is delivered to approximately 300,000 users.Banner Healthcare Discussion

The organization’s overall readiness

The objective of Banner Healthcare is to cater for the emergency healthcare and medical costs of the patient. The healthcare organization also caters for specialized services of healthcare such as bone marrow transplants, heart transplants and psychosocial rehabilitative services. Additionally, the organization covers for healthcare complications that are considered life threatening such as Alhzeimer disease and spinal injuries.


Strategic plans

One of the core objectives of Banner healthcare is the delivery of quality and safety care. This encompasses developing strict strategies that pinpoint errors such as mistakes in the identification of the patient that prevent quality services’ delivery. Service coordination enhances the performance of Banner healthcare and maintains its integrity as well as fostering the satisfaction of patients (Cairns, Bollinger & Garcia, 2017). As a result, the organization has been able to identify operational areas that are essential for improvement to sustain its performance which has led to the development of cross-facility employees. The employees are charged with the deliberation on ideas that ensure novel knowledge on the organization is incorporated and gathered within the standards of the organization.

The organization overlooked the connection between organizational cultures and the top leadership for a long time and ways these relationships impacted the performance of the institution. The institution works collaboratively with various facilities of healthcare across the United States. This makes it difficult to pinpoint a standard policy that would guarantee effective services’ delivery in each of these facilities of healthcare. Different geographical locations contribute to these challenges hence resulting in variances of the socio cultural facets from one healthcare facility to another. This means that implementation of a common method would lead to increased challenges. This prompted Banner healthcare to adopt the culture driven policies’ integration that would assist in sustaining the success of the organization (Macchi & Kessler, 2018). Further, the culture of the institution plays a critical role in moulding its performances. Such as management themes’ identification that prioritizes on the service users’ interests. Banner Healthcare Discussion

One of the themes is effective communication of the vision of the organization which addresses the role of productive communication. Effective communication is one of the major impediments of success in the majority of the organizations (Przybl, et al, 2017). The theme ensures that effective communication exists between the employees and their managers hence encouraging employees to work towards achieving the mission, vision and goals of the organization.

Accountability and responsibility of the employee is also important. The roles of institution managers is to ensure that the accountability of their employees align with the framework of the organization by acting as role models. The organization has also developed solid metrics systems that include patient experiences and satisfaction which assesses the success and accountability of each facility of healthcare. The score cards applications guarantee that each employee has a responsibility towards their service. Thus, it is the responsibility of the top leadership to guide and provide all the required resources. It is also the mandate of the leaders to motivate nurses to ensure effective articulation of the organization’s vision and mission.

Banner healthcare has also implemented the process of recruitment and staffing ratios by adopting the habit of recruiting proactive leaders that are likely to steer organization success. Proactive leaders are keen on the improvement of the skills of their employees since they ensure that employees undertake refresher courses (Kash, 2016). As a result, specific talents and skills of the employees are improved and novel expertise developed through constant learning. Banner healthcare also fosters teamwork which leads to development of cultural competencies hence ensuring workplace respect of individual beliefs and values.

The organization has also implemented strategies that guarantee sustainability developments. However, this is a challenging facet since the healthcare industry is dynamic. Thus, Banner healthcare has recruited a research workforce whose function is to locate the market demand changes to help the institution change its strategies (O’Brien, 2019). Consequently, these strategies would align with the demands of the market. Thus, the organization will have the ability to explore new areas and discover novel opportunities that have not been discovered by its competitors. Further, these processes enhance sustainability of the institution’s effective development. Banner Healthcare Discussion

Effective communication

It is quite clear that these strategic adoptions will be effective if they are articulated concurrently. For instance, employees will have an effective understanding of the missions and visions of the organization when effective communication is incorporated within the organization. It also enhances employees’ understanding of their responsibilities within Banner healthcare. Competent and knowledgeable leadership ensures commitment of the team members to achieving the company goals (Srivastava & Jain, 2017). Organizations directives’ clarity also develops a foundation that is keen on employee accountability in regards to their actions.

Overall, Banner Healthcare has maintained its success by enhancing services’ delivery. The performances of Banner healthcare have surpassed internal targets. In fact, reports from the past years assert that the organization was successful in achieving its stretch targets. Further, the financial capacity has improved, which implies that it has the aptitude of surviving and dynamic trends of healthcare. Therefore, Banner healthcare is an efficient and established network whose fundamental interest is to improve the wellbeing of individuals and the community in general.


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