The Changing Role Of Nurses In The Medical Field – 5 important facts to note

Posted: November 1st, 2021

The Changing Role of Nurses

New technological advances have allowed many nurses across the world to do their jobs better. In the past, many nurses lacked education, helpful essentials, and practiced poor care plans that not only put themselves, and their patient in a much worse condition.

Now in present day, nurses change lives every day. With new technology, nurses are able to do their jobs safer, and more efficiently by being able to provide better care for each patient, obtaining well education to meet standards, and being able to work with high tech equipment that makes their jobs much easier.

Education is always essential with any type of job. Nursing education was much different from current day education in colleges. 

Hygiene was not always a primary concern back in the day. Nurses didn’t use gloves because “it offended the patient and implied the patient was dirty” (Morales, 2012, para. 1)

In the past, nurses were widely respected around the world. They worked on the frontlines in wars, and primarily in hospitals and schools. Nurses had to work with what they had.

Unfortunately, standards were so slow, many syringes that would normally get throw in the sharps container, would then be sterilized and to be used again.

With the many diseases in our current world, if a nurse ever tried to reuse her needle, her license would be revoked immediately Now that standards have become higher, hygiene has bumped up to the top of the list as the number one priority.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has become the thing now, and a nurse doesn’t know what a patient could have before starting care. So making sure she is protected from germs by using gloves, gowns, and even face masks is very important. Learning about proper patient and the nurse’s own hygiene is very important.

One thing to remember is, a nurse cannot take care of patients if she can’t take care of herself. Without education, a nurse wouldn’t be a nurse and a teacher wouldn’t be a teacher. 

changing role of nurses

changing role of nurses

changing role of nurses

changing role of nurses
Doctor listening to patient’s heartbeat during home visit – wearing face mask

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