Checkpoint for Certification Plan.

Posted: November 7th, 2022

Checkpoint for Certification Plan.


Certification in Indiana
PMHNP practice environment for Indiana State and restrictions for practice
The practice environment of a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) is determined by state licensure and scope of practice laws. In Indian State, PMHNPs have reduced practice, meaning that state licensure and practice law reduces the capability of PMHNPs to participate in one or more aspectsof practice.


Nurses practitioners are required by the state law to have a collaborative pact withalicensed practitioner such as a physician to enable them to deliver care or restricts the one or more scope of practice (AANP,2018). The collaborative agreement establishes the way the supervisingproviderand the nurse practitioner consults, coordinates and cooperates with one another. PMHNPs may prescribe controlled and legend substances under a collaborative agreement with a licensed practitioner.
Comparison of the PMHNP practice environment in Indiana State with a state in which I would like to practice (Arizona).Checkpoint for Certification Plan.Checkpoint for Certification Plan.
Compared to Indiana when PMHNPs reduced practice authority, Arizona state licensure and practice laws authorize nurse practitioners to assess and diagnose patients, order and make interpretation of diagnostic and laboratory tests, and commence and manage treatments, entailing prescription of controlled substances and medications, in accordance to the licensure authority granted by Arizona board of nursing. As Phillips (2018) indicates, nurse practitioners in Arizona have full practice authority and are not required to collaborate with a licensed healthpractitioner for them to practice. Additionally, they have full prescriptive authority as long as they hold a DEA number.
Clinical practice issues a new PMHNP will need to consider and address with the certification, licensure, credentialing, or relocation process.
A new PMHNP must understand that after completion of nurse practitioner education and is planning to get into practice, he or she must first need to attain a national certification from American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).Checkpoint for Certification Plan.Checkpoint for Certification Plan. Completing a graduate-level and a master’s degree program and having state licensure is a prerequisite for certification of a PMHNP. Halter (2017) alleges that when a PMHNP meets the eligibility requirements to sit the ANCC certification examination and passes the examination, she or he is bestowed the title PMHNP- Board Certified or PMHNP-BC. Credentialing offers nurses a sense of accomplishment and mastery, recognizes them as clinicians with competency,and gratifies the requirement for reimbursement by insurance companies and employers.
When relocating toanother state, a PMHNP must establish if the licensure requirements in Indiana and the state he/ she wishes to relocate to are transferable.One should find out his state engages in the multistate nurse licensure compact,which acknowledges licenses from other member states. According to Larson (2019), presently, thirty-three states are engaging in the initial compact, which permits license practice and registered nurses who reside in participatingstates to practice without the requirement for getting re-licensure in other member states. Relocation from non-compact state to a state that participates in the compact requires one to make an application for licensing,which is authorized by the new State’s board of nursing.Checkpoint for Certification Plan.Checkpoint for Certification Plan.
Plans for passing the national certification exam
I will start preparing for the ANCC certification examination confirming eligibility and pricing andthen making an online application. To pass my certification exam, I will develop a study plan that will be tailored to meet my personal learning needs and schedule. I will also determine where I will be studying and secure the location for my study sessions. Next, I will select my study resources by searching for online study materials, including practice questions, books, and live or recorded review sessions. I will then be assessingmyknowledge by making a review of the information on the examination content. I will then listthe areas that I feel that I am knowledgeable andareas that I will need toreviewmaterial. Also, I will list areas and topics that I am weak in and focus my attention there. Additionally, I will take advantage of Board vitals, which Walden University has made available to students to practice and learn.Checkpoint for Certification Plan.Checkpoint for Certification Plan.

Checkpoint for Certification Plan
Progress on certification plans
Adequate preparation for the PMHNP certification examination is vital to the passing of the examination. I have made major progress on my certification plan. I have purchased numerous apps PMHNP-BC as well as the PMHNP practice test. The PMHNP-BC certification review apps contain practice test questions that cover the numerous topics covered by the examination along with detailed answer explanations. I have also purchased the PMHNP exam practice question and I am using board vitals. Both the book and board vitals have sample questions designed to offer me the insights I am required to be appropriately and adequately prepared for the board certification examination. According to NP Exam Secrets Test Prep Team (2018), PHMN exam practice questions are the easiest way of preparing for the PMHN examination. Practice is a necessary element of preparing for the examination and improving the chance of success of the test taker. To practice, I will answer sample questions that are identical to those on the real ANCC exam and I will review the practice questions as many times I can.Checkpoint for Certification Plan.
Apart from the practice test and PMHNB-BC apps, I am also using Chegg study guides/flash cards and I have also gotten a quick guide for DSM-5. The flashcards are easy to read and are effectively assisting me to learn through repetitions and are making learning fun. I will ask a friend to assist quiz me on the questions I will be required to know so as to pass the PMHNP board certification examination. Both the flashcards and study guides contain vital bonuses for my preparation; bonuses to assist me with my test preparation. They comprise test questions that will assist me to test my knowledge base on the topics I will encounter.
I have not completed the scheduled tasks assigned on my timeline because of work and family commitments. According to Fitzgerald (2017), one of the key drawbacks is studying for the certification examination is not putting aside enough time to prepare. One is required to map out his or her demands of their time in the initial months following completion of their nurse practitioner program, including professional, work hours, personal, and family commitments. Thus I will map out time demands and then set up a study time schedule, allotting more time to topics where my knowledge base is insufficient and less time to topics that I am knowledgeable in and only where refreshing my knowledge base is needed. As suggested by… it is important for a person to prioritize his study needs and begin with areas that one is weak in and not be tempted to begin with areas where one knows best.Checkpoint for Certification Plan.
My plans to stay on the schedule is to schedule regular study times and studying in one-hour increments without the need to cram. I will identify my peak study times and make the best out of them. Since I am a morning person, I am always alert and active early in the day, I will study during morning hours when my alertness is at peak. As Kelsey and Nagtalon-Ramos, (2017) indicate, since we all have our individual biological clock which dictates the time of the day we are at peak, it is important to recognize one’s study time and get the most out of them. I will use two to three hours a day to carry out my review from Monday to Friday. I will adhere to my schedule and take breaks when I feel exhausted. I may adjust my study plan as I discover where I need to use up more time.Checkpoint for Certification Plan.

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