Clinical Paper Assignment Sample

Posted: December 17th, 2022

Clinical Paper Assignment Sample

The purpose of this paper is to reflect on my personal knowledge, theory and clinical thinking applied in the course of my clinical rotation where I encountered a patient with dementia. The condition is characterized by memory, motor and language loss arising from cognitive deficits. The patient had problems remembering me from the previous introduction. Within the period of my assignment, I managed to build trust with the patient and assist her in opening up about her life and family. Clinical Paper Assignment Sample


I diagnosed her with dementia following her inability to remember people and places as well as the developing movement problems. The patient was also in denial of her memory loss and thus, I considered the presence of coping inefficacy in her. During the care for dementia patients in the healthcare facility, I practiced Watson’s Theory of Human Caring that involved supporting the socio-cultural, spiritual, mental and physical wellness of individuals through holistic care. This involved providing counselling to patients, families and friends associated with the patient. I also encountered another patient recommended for end of life. The family was against extension life therapy for their cancer patient since they considered it expensive and futile. This incident contradicted the human caring theory which is focused on improving patient health rather than ending care to terminate life.

I have good communication skills that have helped me interact effectively with the patients and their families as well as promote honest and open conversations during care and counselling sessions. However, I need to improve on time management clinical skills. I spend most of my time caring for the patient that I barely have time for my personal activities. For the next rotation, I will plan my schedules and make sure to flow them strictly. I also plan to improve on my confidence to be able to provide the doctor with the appropriate advice for patient care. Clinical Paper Assignment Sample


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