Coaching, Mentoring, and Effective Feedback.

Posted: December 21st, 2022

Coaching, Mentoring, and Effective Feedback.


This week you explore an important cornerstone to leadership in any field—coaching, mentoring, and effective feedback. Effective communication and relationship management are listed first in the AONL competencies, and for good reason. With these skills, nurse leaders can move their staffs and organizations forward.Coaching, Mentoring, and Effective Feedback.


Learning Objectives
Students will:

Identify key terms and concepts related to coaching and mentoring.
Apply coaching, mentoring, and collaboration strategies as manager and peer coach.
Apply professional nursing standards to nurse mentoring and coaching.
Learning Resources
Required Readings (click to expand/reduce)Coaching, Mentoring, and Effective Feedback.

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Required Media (click to expand/reduce)


Performance Management

Performance management is more than just staff training. As you view this video, consider best practices for managing nursing performance. (6m)Coaching, Mentoring, and Effective Feedback.


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Discussion: Coaching, Mentoring, and Effective Feedback
According to the ANA Peer Review Guidelines position statement, “As the professional association for nursing, ANA has a responsibility to the public and its members to facilitate the development of a quality assurance system including peer review.” Each nurse has a responsibility to engage in collaborative decision-making processes, self-evaluation of individual performance, and evaluation of others’ performance.

In this Discussion, you will compare aspects of peer feedback vs. peer review and how these practices apply to effective nursing practice.Coaching, Mentoring, and Effective Feedback.

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To prepare:
Review the Resources, particularly the Wolf et al. articles.
Reflect on the AONL Competencies on Leadership and Professionalism.
Consider the following scenario:
You are a charge nurse and one of your direct subordinates is also a personal friend of yours. You have noticed a decline in her/his professional performance as witnessed by tardiness, delayed patient response, failing to complete documentation, and altered peer relationships.Coaching, Mentoring, and Effective Feedback.

Aspects of peer feedback vs. peer review and how these practices may apply to effective nursing

To get magnet recognition, a healthcare organization is required to establish formalized, methodical   peer review and feedback nursing practices to assess nursing-care providers and nursing care. In nursing, peer review is the procedure through which nurses analytically access, scrutinize and judge the superiority of care that their colleagues provide (Cisic & Frankovic, 2015). Peer review means that care delivered by an individual nurse or a group of nurses is assessed by individuals in the same or different rank in accordance to established practice standards.

Compared to peer feedback which involves a  nurses evaluating the quality and  suitability of care provided by their peers, feedback  is a process whereby a nurse  appropriately shares with his or her peer information based on observation,  with the goal of enabling  the peer to  act is the expected manner. Feedback motivates an individual to improve performance by offering information on their performance. It also makes clarifications on any variation amid the preferred behavior and the actual behavior (Panneerselvan, 2018).Coaching, Mentoring, and Effective Feedback.

Both the practices of peer review and feedback are fundamental constituents of nursing practice that and they promote safety and quality of care. As Bowen-Brady et al (2019) indicate, taking part in a proper peer review procedure increases liability among nurses and members of the team, thus improving the environment of professional practice and enhancing quality patient outcomes. The ultimate objective of peer review is to empower nurses to hold one another liable for safe, quality care, which results in a rise in competency, autonomy as well as professional growth.Coaching, Mentoring, and Effective Feedback.

Feedback from peers is demonstrated to improve job performance and quality outcomes.  Feedback assists individuals to identify the gap amid desired and actual performance, and recognize ways of narrowing the gap and improve.  According to Hardavella et al (2016), feedback promotes experiential and reflective learning, which entails on the job training along with reflections on feelings, incidents and experiences. It aims at developing a nurse’s performance to a greater degree by modifying behaviors that cause underperformance.Coaching, Mentoring, and Effective Feedback.

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