Conditions and Trends in the Community That Could Affect the Health .

Posted: November 22nd, 2022

Conditions and Trends in the Community That Could Affect the Health .


Nurses must be able to knowledgeably plan services for individuals, families and the community. In order to effectively plan, it is essential that you are aware of the resources specific to the community a client resides in to allow for identification of health-related resources and to understand gaps in services. A windshield survey is conducted from a car and provides a visual overview of a community. Conditions and trends in the community that could affect the health of the population should be noted. This data provides background and context for working with individuals and families in their community. Information gathered from this survey should be added to this template. Make sure to include data (i.e. statistical, informational, geographic), along with a reference page.Conditions and Trends in the Community That Could Affect the Health .


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Community Nursing, Houston Texas Boundaries Houston has both government and manmade borders. Government boundaries include government demarcated streets such as Byrne street, Panama street, Moore street etc. Neighborhoods include Irvington village, Woodland park, Wesley community center etc. Housing and Zoning The housing varies as per neighborhoods. The most common houses are apartment buildings and multifamily apartments. The apartments seem old some appearing close to 80 years or older. However, sporadic new apartments and homes were noticeable. Most houses are in good condition. Signs of decay The area seems well maintained. No visible garbage around or abandoned wagons Parks and Recreational Areas There are limited recreation centers. However, there is a Woodland park that is safe for both children and adults and community centers such as Wesley community center that serves all population members Common areas There are social agencies such as Little Caesars Pizza and community parks that are open to everyone Stores Majority of the residents shop locally. There are numerous food shops, clothing shops restaurants, medical supply stores and artisan shops Transportation Majority of the community members drive, walk or use public transportation to get around or move for other activities. The roads and streets are passable and able to facilitate transport It was notable that at times narrow streets are congested Communication The community members have access to good communication. Conditions and Trends in the Community That Could Affect the Health .There are both national and local newspapers around. Posters and billboards in the streets were also visible. Service centers There are numerous community-operated health facilities and social agencies. There are offices for physicians, specialists and dentists, and especially on the first floor of multi-family apartments. There are numerous schools within the area People in the Community Most people in the streets are females, children, and students. People seemed well dressed for the time and locations wherever they appeared. From their dressing and appearance, majority of people are working middle class and lower class as well. Industries Major industries located within the are includes government, technology industry, petrochemical production, oil and gas production, and refining of petroleum. Majority of people work in these industries Protective Services Public protective services are evident with several EMS services. There is a Houston police department located at 1200 Travis, Downtown Houston. There is also Houston Fire Department in the area. Ethnicity The ethnicity of Houston appears very diverse. It was evident that majority of residents are Latinos or Hispanics. Whites and black Americans are also dominant in the area. There are various structures that represent various ethnicities such as the African-American library located within the Fourth Ward in Houston and the Supermercado de Walmart store that used to accommodate Hispanic client before it was closed. Religion The main religion in the area is Christianity as indicated by numerous churches in the area. There are also various mosques in the area indicating that Islam is a common religion in Houston Health and Morbidity There is evidence of motor vehicle accidents, drug and alcohol abuse especially among the young people. Chronic diseases were evident especially among the older adults Politics There were visible few political alienated posters on store windows and on houses. However, party associations were not readily ostensible.  Conditions and Trends in the Community That Could Affect the Health .

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