Conveying Needed Changes in U.S. Health Care System.

Posted: December 8th, 2022

Conveying Needed Changes in U.S. Health Care System.


Discussion for Module 14 – Conveying Needed Changes in U.S. Health Care System. 11 unread reply.11 reply. If you were in a position to influence all state and federal legislators, what is the message that you would want to convey about changes needed in the U.S. health care system?Conveying Needed Changes in U.S. Health Care System.


Where can you find evidence to inform your thoughts and scholarly writing? Throughout your degree program, you will use research literature to explore ideas, guide your thinking, and gain new insights. As you search the research literature, it is important to use resources that are peer-reviewed and from scholarly journals. You may already have some favorite online resources and databases that you use or have found useful in the past. For this Discussion, you explore databases available through the Walden Library. To Prepare: Review the information presented in the Learning Resources for using the Walden Library, searching the databases, and evaluating online resources. Begin searching for a peer-reviewed article that pertains to your practice area and interests you. By Day 3 of Week 6 Post the following: Using proper APA formatting, cite the peer-reviewed article you selected that pertains to your practice area and is of particular interest to you and identify the database that you used to search for the article. Explain any difficulties you experienced while searching for this article. Would this database be useful to your colleagues? Explain why or why not. Would you recommend this database? Explain why or why not.Conveying Needed Changes in U.S. Health Care System.

America’s Healthcare System


Quality is still variable and costs are still rising notwithstanding the millions of well-intentioned and hardworking individuals in the healthcare industry. Healthcare in the United States is currently consuming 18% of the gross domestic product consequently posing a risk on other American economy aspects such as education and other programs that are federally subsidized (Navarro, 2019). Due to these challenges, I would suggest the country leadership adopt the measures below.Conveying Needed Changes in U.S. Health Care System.

Proposed Measures

The federal government is at an advantaged position as a regulator and healthcare provider to implement quality standards in the health care sector (Erickson et al, 2017). For instance, regulatory processes should be utilized in the implementation of clinical data reporting needs. In its roles as a purchaser, the state could award providers attaining high quality levels. The government’s purchasing measures can augment the care quality by majority of providers hence positively shifting the healthcare curve.Conveying Needed Changes in U.S. Health Care System.

In its role as a provider, the federal government should take charge of the health care institutions. It also has a chance in this capacity to serve as a laboratory to evaluate novel financing, dissemination information frameworks and delivery while at the same time improving strategies. The state should also provide support for knowledge development and tools’ creation to effectively carry out its role as a purchaser, regulator and a deliverer of health care (Storey & Holti, 2019). Minimal standards of health care should also be established by the government through its roles as a regulator. This will protect health beneficiaries from impaired and incompetent trained clinicians. It will also shield them from organizations of health that do not have the essential processes and capabilities to offer minimum quality level.Conveying Needed Changes in U.S. Health Care System.


Overall, it will take a colossal type of leadership for these changes to be implemented. However, the status quo is not an option. The existing healthcare regulations threaten the American citizen. Therefore, both the state and federal legislators should be pivotal in leading significant health care success in the United States.Conveying Needed Changes in U.S. Health Care System.

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