Cultural Competency in APN Essay

Posted: January 12th, 2023

Cultural Competency in APN Essay

Cultural competence and valuing diversity are important attributes of APNs.  Cultural care conservation and maintenance, cultural care accommodation and negotiation, and cultural care repatterning are strategies that an APN can use to deliver care to patients from diverse cultures with diverse cultural beliefs.   According to Joel (2017), cultural care preservation and maintenance are decisions and actions that a professional takes to assist patients of a designated culture to retain pertinent care values for them to be capable to stay well, and recover from disease. Cultural care negotiation and accommodation involves creative decisions and actions that a professional takes to assist patients of a certain culture to acclimatize or bargain with care providers for a satisfying and beneficial health outcome. Cultural care restructuring or repatterning involves professional decisions and actions that assist a patient to reorder, alter, or adjust their lifeway for a novel, diverse, and useful patterns of health care  while respecting the cultural beliefs and values of the patient (Joel, 2017).   Cultural Competency in APN Essay


An APN can respect cultural beliefs of patients while providing quality care by being aware of his or her own biases and being aware of the damaging behaviors and attitudes that emerge at every level of interaction and every setting.  As Tracy and O’Grady (2018) indicate, an APN must demonstrate respect for ethnic, racial, and cultural differences of individuals in any particular situation. Culturally competent care is provided with sensitivity, knowledge, and respect for the ethnic, racial, and cultural backgrounds and practices of the patient and family.  When a patient refuses care because of cultural beliefs, the APN should consider the wishes of the patient and health care decisions must not be based on the APN’s preferences but the values beliefs, culture, and lifestyle of the patient. The APN must prevent doing harm by understanding that failure to respect patients’ cultural beliefs can impair a patient’s cultural identity. Cultural Competency in APN Essay


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Tracy, M., & O’Grady, E. (2018). Hamric and Hanson’s Advanced Practice Nursing: An Integrative Approach. St Louis, MO; Elsevier.

Cultural Competency in APN Essay


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