Current Event in Healthcare Policy Essay.

Posted: January 7th, 2023

Current Event in Healthcare Policy Essay.


CurrentEvent in Healthcare Policy
Overview of the Article
The article provides an overview of a program aimed atimproving the response of borough towards the opioid epidemic. Some of the recommended community based-strategies to combat the opioid epidemic in Staten Island include tracking overdoses; responsible opioid prescription; monitoring naloxone distribution;


monitoring opioid prescriptions; having more mental health counselors; implementing law enforcement diversion programs; and partnering with all stakeholders to combat opioid epidemic (Dalton, 2019). Current Event in Healthcare Policy Essay.
Ethical Questions or Concerns
Some of the ethical concerns in the article include the irresponsible and illegal prescriptions of the opioids. This is because some healthcare providers have significantly contributed to the opioid epidemic through unethical and illegal prescriptions and lack of the effective monitoring of the prescriptions and the patients(Rothstein, 2018). There is a need to investigate such healthcare professionals and implement the appropriate mechanisms and policies to curb such unethical and illegal opioid prescriptions (Rothstein, 2018). Current Event in Healthcare Policy Essay.
The Role of Community Health Nurse (CHN) as a Change Agent
The CHN can play a significant role in lowering the incidence and prevalence of opioid addiction, overdose cases,and the ensuing fatal effects. The CHN has the role of strengthening bonds among the community members, schools, healthcare institutions, rehabilitation centers, and law enforcement agencies to help the community to design and implement prevention programs(Nies& McEwen, 2019). The CHN should facilitate the vested interests of the community in congruency with the needs of the community (Nies& McEwen, 2019).The CHN also has the role of educating the community members about the opioid epidemic, the risks associated with opioid diversion, and also safekeeping and suitable disposal for opioids are not necessary. This is because the CHN can provide the knowledge and expertise regarding addiction and therefore can act as a change agent by utilizing the addiction theory, counseling, and well as research competencies (Painter, 2017).

Locate a news article or story related to a current event in healthcare policy. Some examples may be, but are not limited to healthcare reform, the Affordable Care Act, prescription drugs, healthcare costs, insurance coverage, healthcare fraud, transparency, or underinsured populations.
• Provide a brief overview of the article, and include the URL link.
• As a healthcare professional, has this raised any ethical questions or concerns for you?
• How can a community health nurse (CHN) be involved as a change agent for related healthcare policies?

Nies, M. A., & McEwen, M. (2019). Community/Public health nursing: Promoting the health of populations (7th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Saunders/Elsevier.
• Chapter 10: Policy, Politics, Legislation, and Community Health Nursing, pp. 172–174, 177–189
• Chapter 13: Cultural Diversity and Community Health Nursing, pp. 225–228, 231-248

Current Event in Healthcare Policy Essay.

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