Cybersecurity and Data Privacy.

Posted: November 11th, 2022

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy.


Describe a problem you are considering for your action research project, and discuss the following: 1. Explain your motivation for addressing this problem in terms of why it is significant to the organization. 2. Explain how addressing the problem could produce positive results for the business, its employees, and customers. 3. Identify two ethical issues that could be connected to resolving the problem, and explain how you would address each issue as part of the problem-solving process.Cybersecurity and Data Privacy.


Question 1

Cybersecurity and data privacy is a problem I am considering for my action research project. Technology has continued to evolve, increasing espionage and cybercrime. Data has become a significant intangible asset for business organizations around the world. People with ill intentions can use cyber breaches to destroy hard-won customers’ trust. However, strong cybersecurity policies do not work without implementation, and default passwords among staff can undermine progress. Organizations need to integrate multiple types of security controls by identifying risks. I believe all organization strives for security and action research will be useful in this case of identifying risks while implementing the necessary measures.Cybersecurity and Data Privacy.

Question 2

Addressing cybersecurity and data privacy can produce positive results for the business, its employees, and customers. Privacy is a sensitive aspect of any type of business, especially those that touch personal information in any way. Working on having the best privacy measures can bring about numerous positive impacts on business and people involved. An organization with the best privacy protection meet compliance requirements and avoid penalties due to data breaches (Nelson, 2016). Conversely, the employees concentrate on significant issues such as improving and maintaining brand value. Consumers feel protected when the organization builds loyalty.Cybersecurity and Data Privacy.

Question 3

Technology and privacy are two ethical issues that could be connected to resolving the problem. Developments in technological security competence can help to observe activities on the company’s electronic devices (Palliam, 2018). Through electronic surveillance, an organization can monitor productivity and efficiency. However, at some point, the supervision becomes spying as employers access most of the browsing history. Therefore, I would advise employees to review privacy policies.  I would ensure the employers do not pass the limit and violate employees’ privacy. Hence, action research should involve finding a solution that could facilitate cybersecurity and data privacy while minding ethical issues such as technology and privacy.Cybersecurity and Data Privacy.

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