Describe the Classification of Rashes.

Posted: December 12th, 2022

Describe the Classification of Rashes.


Describe the classification of rashes

Numerous characteristics are involved when describing rashes. A case in point is the secondary morphology, primary morphology, configuration, color among others. One can classify a lesion based on its flatness or its elevation within primary morphology. A flat lesion is either known as a patch or a macule (Canadiem, 2019).Describe the Classification of Rashes.


Beneficial additional

An additional resource I have found helpful is the article by Habeer et al (2015). The authors detail a clinical and educational innovation that transforms the conventional examination of head, ears, eyes, nose, and throat to the addition of gums, teeth,tongue, and mucosa for the oral-systemic health evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment. I have learned that this process has the capability of developing an interprofessional oral health team that will address crucial issues of public health, enhance oral-systemic across lifespans, and augments access to oral health care.Describe the Classification of Rashes.

Difficulty  area

I had difficulty with understanding the basic HEENT Exam. Initially, I was not sure why the assessment started with the head. Nonetheless, I later understood that by starting with the head examination, the ENT looks for deformities. In case ofa swelling, dent, or bulging, a determination will be made if there will be a need for the HEENT examination to shift towards the injury of the brain.Describe the Classification of Rashes.



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