Determinants of Health Care Refer.

Posted: December 12th, 2022

Determinants of Health Care Refer.


Discussion 8 question 2

Determinants of health care refer to the broad category of independent issues that influence health care. They could be ecological, economic, sociocultural, behavioral or biological. Also, they can be identified as genetics, environment, lifestyle, medical care, or nutrition. Negative changes or weakening of any of the determinants would necessitate the presentation of an appropriate support system in order to curtail its effects. Perhaps the most interesting determinant is nutrition.


That is because it is controllable at the individual levels, hence is called a modifiable factor.Determinants of Health Care Refer. Many health concerns, disorders, illnesses and diseases are caused by bad nutritional practices (Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, 2019; Patwardhan, Murali&Tillu, 2015).  The implication is that there is a need to always have an appropriate nutrition in order to avoid many health concerns. While this statement simplifies the issue by minimizing it to having the right nutrition, the reality is that such changes are difficult to initiate and sustain. To be more precise, nutrition is a multi-level and multi-sectoral topic that results from the complex interplay between decision-making at the individual and household levels, as well as environmental, health and agri-food systems that determine the related policy-processes to include access to resources and services. Determinants of Health Care Refer.Although agriculture has played a role in initiating and sustaining positive change in nutrition, the combination of factors from urbanization, trade liberalization and globalization have moderated these changes with implications for nutrition at the global level (Gillespie & van den Bold, 2017a). Gillespie and van den Bold (2017) add to the discussion by noting that some of the major challenges to initiating and sustaining change in nutrition are institutional and political commitments, along with the need for transformational leadership, finance, capacity, data, accountability, and policy coherence.Determinants of Health Care Refer.

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