Develop Plan of Action for Certification Exam Preparation.

Posted: November 17th, 2022

Develop Plan of Action for Certification Exam Preparation.


In 1 page: Based on your results from the FHEA Exam, develop a plan of action, including an academic study plan, which will help you maintain your areas of strength and address the areas that need improvement, and help you prepare for the Certification Exam. Address each area of the exam including: Foundations of Advanced Practice Nursing Independent Practice Competencies Professional Role and Policy


Having undertaken the FHEA examination, the results offer a data-based evaluation of previous learning outcomes. In fact, the results allow for the development of an appropriate plan of action that includes an academic study plan on the poorly performed subjects. The results indicate that of the fifteen testable areas, I performed exceptionally well (75 or more) in five areas, had acceptable performance (65 to 74) in five areas, and had worrying performance (less than 64) in five areas. This performance indicates that I am not proficient enough in all the study areas to perform as I desire in the FHEA exam.Develop Plan of Action for Certification Exam Preparation. Given this awareness, I developed a plan of action with three goals to improve my performance in the next FHEA exam as indicated in Table 1 (Gaberson, Oermann&Shellenbarger, 2015; Sanwick, Forrest & O’Brien, 2019).
Table 1. Action plan goals for improving FHEA exam performance
Goal Time line Action steps Resources Evidence of success
Activate discussions with other students and tutors on reading strategies for the fifteen exam areas Until the next FHEA exam Scheduled time for group discussions and forums.
Share effective learning and reading strategies in meetings and forums. Time
Suggestions and feedback Clarification of the reading and learning strategies.
Locate and use a variety of texts in the exam subjects and areas Until the next FHEA exam Assess and catalog the available publications and tests in exam and subject areas.
Expand the personal library related to exam content.
Subscribe to electronic text databases. Time
Subscription fees
Reliable computer and internet connection List of texts and publications, and subscription to database
Implement a reading and revision program Until the next FHEA exam Identify the low scoring exam subjects and areas.
Research, identify and personalize an appropriate reading and revision program.Develop Plan of Action for Certification Exam Preparation.
Monitor program by taking mock tests. Exam data.
Information on revision and reading programs.
Exam material.
An appropriate reading and revision program.
Revision schedule.
Improvements in mock tests.

Develop Plan of Action for Certification Exam Preparation.

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