Differences at Work and Identity Abrasions Essay.

Posted: November 16th, 2022

Differences at Work and Identity Abrasions Essay.


Please place headings and a conclusion -Use the references provided in addition to others This Discussion provides examples of conflict situations and offers an opportunity to consider how you would respond as a nurse executive. Given understanding and empathy are key in supporting employees, approach each vignette from the perspective of the individual who feels wronged and what that individual may need in terms of resolution.Differences at Work and Identity Abrasions Essay.


To Prepare: Review the Learning Resources on diversity and inclusion in healthcare organizations. Your Instructor will identify three “Differences at Work” vignettes as the focus of this Discussion. Read the three case studies and choose one as the subject of your Discussion post. Identify the issues in your chosen case study and reflect on how a diversity and inclusion perspective might mitigate, address, or contribute to the concept of “identity abrasion” in the workplace. Consider how this situation might affect organizational performance, staff morale and retention, and/or competitive advantage.Differences at Work and Identity Abrasions Essay. Consider how you would respond if you were the employee in your chosen vignette and what kind of support and resolutions you might seek, or what you would recommend to this individual in terms of responses. Post the following: Briefly describe the case study you selected, and explain the elements of “identity abrasion” in the employee’s experience. From the position of the employee, describe what actions and strategies would be most welcome and effective for resolving this conflict situation. Support your post with Learning Resources or current literature. References Fried, B. J., & Fottler, M. D. (Eds.). (2018). Fundamentals of human resources in healthcare (2nd ed.). Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press. Chapter 11, “Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace” (pp. 296–308) Sucher, S. J. (2007, November). Differences at work: The individual experience. Brighton, MA: Harvard Business Publishing.Differences at Work and Identity Abrasions Essay.

Differences at Work and Identity Abrasions

Diversity and inclusion is focused on the creation of a workforce that mirrors the diverse populations in a particular area.  However, diversity and inclusion also imply more since the workplace culture needs to feel comfortable for individuals who work there (Fried & Fottler, 2018). There are inevitable impediments, challenges, and barriers to the successful execution of a diversity and inclusion strategy. The case involves Jason, who is a member of his company’s recruiting team, which has the responsibility of creating a more diverse workforce. When the team makes the decision to interview a candidate based on the race of the candidate, Jason is unsure whether they made the correct decision and   how, generally, diversity goals must be achieved (Sucher, 2007)

Self and social identities are elements of identity abrasions that Jason experienced. After reflection, Jason, as an Asian-American wondered what team members, particularly his white colleagues thought about what they had done.  As Crary (2017) indicates while it is crucial to recognize the actuality of numerous, interconnecting   identities persons might experience altering salience of their subordinate or dominant identities  in diverse organizational settingst. In some instances, people think and behave mainly out of their dominant group identities.Differences at Work and Identity Abrasions Essay.

Pausing and connecting to larger goals are actions and strategies that would be most welcome and effective for resolving this conflict situation. Pausing means taking some time to recognize emotions and consider alternatives that will assist you to effectively respond when faced with identity abrasion. Pausing necessitates that an individual understands that he is experiencing an identity abrasion, which subsequently allows one to short-circuit defensive reactions.  Connecting offers a scheme to resist an impulse outwardly focusing on larger goals, like contributing to a task, reinforcing the dynamic of a team, or fulfilling the mission of an organization. Meaningful goals make it simpler to bear in mind why it is worth engaging with others, even if the experience is intimidating at the moment (Davidson, 2011).Differences at Work and Identity Abrasions Essay.



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