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Topic: Early Believers 1. What is the significance of Stephen’s dying vision of Jesus as Son of Man, standing at the right hand of the Father? Consider both elements in your answer: the designation (Son of Man) and the posture (standing, rather than sitting, at the Father’s side). Use the Bible, Ger, and one additional scholarly source to research this and to present your position. 2. Cornelius is described in Acts 10 as devout, fearing God, and prayerful. Indeed, God took note of his good works and heard his prayers. Why was it necessary for Peter to preach the gospel to him? Use the Bible, Ger, and one additional scholarly source to research this and to present your position.DISCUSSION BOARD INSTRUCTIONS.

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Throughout this course, you will participate in 4 Discussion Board Forums by 1) posting a thread in response to the stated prompt, and 2) posting replies in response to classmates’ threads. In order to earn full credit on any of the forums, you must follow all of the guidelines explained below.

Each forum is designed to enhance your learning experience as you write about your ideas, perspectives, and experiences, and receive feedback from your classmates. Both the frequency of your participation and the depth of the content that you write will affect your grade. Use the Discussion Board Grading Rubric to improve the quality of your contributions and follow the specific requirements described below.DISCUSSION BOARD INSTRUCTIONS.


Your thread must answer the two questions in at least 300 words (150 words per question). This guideline promotes writing that is thorough, yet concise enough to permit your classmates to read all the threads. You must include references to the Bible, the textbook, and at least 1 additional outside source to support your positions. References must be formatted in current Turabian style. First person perspective (e.g., “I” or “we”) is allowed in all your posts.

The Post First feature has been activated in the Discussion Board Forums for this course. You will need to post your thread before you will be able to view and reply to other students’ threads.

Threads are due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday of Modules/Weeks 1, 2, 4, and 6.


After reading your classmates’ threads, you must reply to at least 2 threads. Each reply must be at least 200 words (100 words per question) and must follow current Turabian style as necessary. The reply posts must be supported by references to the Reading & Study materials, must evidence thoughtful reflection on the topics, and must advance the discussion.DISCUSSION BOARD INSTRUCTIONS.

Be sure to click “Reply” within the thread to which you intend to respond. Also, note that “I like what you said,” “That’s a good comment,” and “I disagree with your comment” do not count as complete replies in and of themselves. Rather, stating why you liked or disliked the comment, adding additional thoughts or ideas to the original comment, and/or providing alternative ideas or thoughts when you disagree will count as a reply. Courtesy in any disagreement is expected.

Question 1

Stephen’s vision of Jesus shortly before his death, is an incredible moment in the emergence of the Christian movement. Before His crucifixion Christ identified Himself as the Son of God and the Son of Man. As Christ did with all prophesy of His coming, calling Himself the Son of Man was a fulfillment of the prophesy of Daniel, where it states “to him was given dominion and glory and a kingdom, that all peoples, nations, and languages should serve him” throughout time[1]. More importantly, however, are two additional points to consider. The first being the fact that Stephen sees Christ, who the Sanhedrin have deemed as dead, now resurrected and in the presence of God the Father in heaven. If this is true, then everything Christ said He was, is now verified[2]. If Jesus is indeed now “standing at the right hand of God,” then His claims of being the judge of mankind as it says in Matthew, are also substantiated. Those who oppose and persecute His followers and deny Him will face His wrath.DISCUSSION BOARD INSTRUCTIONS.

Question 2

There are several elements at work in Peter being led by God to the home of Cornelius. Being of Jewish descent, Peter had difficulty viewing Gentiles outside of his skewed lens of the world. God began a work in Peter to view those who would come to know and believe the Gospel of Christ to be as clean as those of Jewish origin. Through this meeting of Peter and Cornelius, God was working on both sides of racial lines.[3] “God was already working his grace in” Cornelius “and it manifested itself in his good deeds,” but he and his family needed the grace and blessing that is the blood of Christ. Pete was the method chosen to deliver that message. A work was being done in Peter’s heart as well, to look beyond the limitations of race, and to see people outside the Jewish faith as Christ saw them, “children of God.[4]” For the first time in Peter’s ministry, a Gentile was deemed clean by God, completely destroying the racial divide of the Gospel that had long been practiced. Peter’s mind was open to the concept that God is in fact God of all, and Christ died for every man, woman, and child to have to opportunity to know Him and His love.DISCUSSION BOARD INSTRUCTIONS.




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Pohill, John B. The New American Commentary: Acts, Volume 26. B&H Publishing Group, 1992. Print.

The Holy Bible, Acts 7:55 ESV.

The Holy Bible, James 1:12 ESV.



[1] The Holy Bible, Daniel 7:13-14 ESV

[2] Pohill, John B. The New American Commentary: Acts, Volume 26. B&H Publishing Group, 1992. Print.

[3] The Holy Bible, Acts 7:55 ESV.

[4] The Holy Bible, James 1:12 ESV.


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