Discussion: Incident in the ER Essay

Posted: December 16th, 2022

Discussion: Incident in the ER Essay

A brief explanation of the issues and considerations at work in the Incident in the ER scenarios. Explain the lesson(s) you see illustrated in this comparison and the principle(s) that you would identify to guide legal and ethical decision making in healthcare settings.

The two ER scenarios highlight five ethical issues in interactions between medical personnel and patients, showing a sharp contrast between bad decisions made in the first scenario and good decisions made in the second scenario. The first issue is beneficence with the expectation that medical personnel will always act in the patient’s best interest. In the present case, applying this principle involves comprehensively evaluating the case and ensuring that the right decision as regards the patient’s health and quality of life. The second issue nonmaleficence with the expectation that medical personnel will not cause any harm, either intentionally or unintentionally. This includes not conducting a life changing procedure, such as an amputation, unless necessary and after extensively consulting with the patient and any other interested parties. The third issue accountability with the expectation that medical personnel will except responsibility for all decisions made in the course of providing care. The medical personnel must take responsibility for decisions made about amputating the leg and be ready to justify the decision using medical information. The fourth issue is fidelity with the expectation that medical personnel be true and faithful to their professional responsibility. Patients have the expectation of receiving safe and high quality care, and medical personnel should reasonably meet this expectation. The fifth issue is autonomy with the expectation that patients retain the right to make decision about their care. The patient should be offered comprehensive information about his health status and available options, and allowed the opportunity to make informed decisions about care direction (Buka, 2015). Discussion: Incident in the ER Essay


From a leadership perspective, explain your recommendations for nurse executives on safeguards to avoid “incidents” like that portrayed in Part 1 and responses to ensure the outcome in Part 2.

From a leadership perspective, nurse executives should avoid the incidents reported in scenario 1 and ensure outcomes reported in scenario 2 through applying three measures. The first measure is to apply social awareness through caring about what others have to say about the issue and not making arbitrary decisions. The second measure is managing relationships through applying persuasive communication. This involves using evidence to support suggestions and decisions. The third measure is shared decisions that involve extensively consulting before the decision is made (Lewenson & Truglio-Londrigan, 2015).


Buka, P. (2015). Patients’ rights, law and ethics for nurses (2nd ed.). CRC Press.

Lewenson, S. & Truglio-Londrigan, M. (2015). Decision-making in nursing: thoughtful approaches to leadership (2nd ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning.



Discussion: Incident in the ER Essay



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