Discussion wk 8 Womens Health Essay.

Posted: November 7th, 2022

Discussion wk 8 Womens Health Essay.


When caring for pregnant women, it is important to care for the whole person. This means you not only manage the pregnancy and treat conditions, but you also promote healthy behaviors and good lifestyle choices. Through health promotion, you can help to ensure the safety of both the mother and the baby. Your role in health promotion is to identify health risks that might result in pregnancy complications, educate patients on these risks, and provide the necessary support to help patients mitigate these risks. In this Discussion, you examine implications of drug use, alcohol consumption, dietary habits, and environmental exposures during pregnancy, and you consider ways to educate pregnant women about such risks.Discussion wk 8 Womens Health Essay.


To prepare:
Review Chapter 2 of the Tharpe et al. text and the article from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in this week’s Learning Resources.
Consider lifestyle changes that pregnant women must make in relation to smoking, drinking, taking drugs (legal and illegal), eating habits, and caring for pets. Select one of these topics to be the focus of an educational media piece you would create for health promotion during pregnancy.Discussion wk 8 Womens Health Essay.
Think about the patient population that you treat within your practicum setting. Consider ways to educate these patients on health promotion as it relates to the topic you selected. Then, consider the types of educational pieces, such as flyers, posters, public service announcements, or other media, that might be most effective with your patient population.Discussion wk 8 Womens Health Essay.
By Day 3
Post a detailed description of the educational media piece you would create for health promotion during pregnancy. Explain why you selected the particular topic, as well as why you selected the type of media and how and why it is suitable for your patient population.

Health Education and Promotion for Lifestyle Change for the Pregnant Woman: The Need for the Brochure as a Preferred Educational Tool

Patient and client information for helath promotion and prevention is an important part of the provision of primary health care. Patient education is therefore very important as it enables tge patient to remain healthy and save on preventable healthcare costs. Traditionally, this health promotion information is given verbally by healthcare professionals like nurses. However, it is a known fact that this information and instructions given verbally is normally forgotten by the patients and clients. They are  also usually misled by unverified information available on the Internet and on social media from persons who are not trained health professionals. A particular group of clients who require health promotion and education for lifestyle change are pregnant mothers. They and their unbirn babies are particularly vulnerable to poor outcomes that are a result of their lifestyles. These include smoking, drinking alcohol, using illegal drugs and over-the-counter medications, and dietary preferences (GI Supply, 2014). This paper looks at the brochure as a preferred educational tool for this group of clients who are antenatal mothers.Discussion wk 8 Womens Health Essay.

Importance of Health Promotion Tool

As stated above, healthcare professionals such as nurses as a rule instruct patients verbally. In any case, the patients will in general either overlook or forget this verbal data. Hence, to build the viability of wellbeing instruction, data given to patients verbally ought to be enhanced and fortified with concise written materials. Besides, research has shown that patients value amd appreciate the helpfulness of such concise written medical educational literature and materials.Discussion wk 8 Womens Health Essay.

Health promotion tools or materials can be utilized to support the data and information delivered verbally from healthcare professionals. Nonetheless, to impact wellbeing practices, there has to be a guarantee that health education and promotional materials are appropriate for the intended interest group. To boost their reasonableness, various elements, for example, substance, design, and social suitability of these materials ought to be considered. Regardless of a scope of advantages of composed material, the methods for getting wellbeing data are changing in this digital era. Because of this, printed materials like brochures ought to be made to suit the client by making them appealing, informative, legible, and valuable (Jahan et al., 2014).Discussion wk 8 Womens Health Essay.

The Brochure as a Preferred Health Educational Tool  

Research has shown that brochures are overwhelmingly efficient in educating patients and healthcare clients. Some studies have put this effectiveness at about 75%. However there is concensus amongst experts that the healthcare promotional brochures need to include more graphics and features that are more interactive (Jahan et al., 2014). According to the Harvard Health Publishing (n.d.), brochures are effective at giving concisely packaged health promotion information that clients can easily refer to and remember.Discussion wk 8 Womens Health Essay.

Brochures made and written in simple language provide effective complementary health promotion information to the verbal instructions offered by healthcare professionals. Brochures facilitate the compliance of pregnant mothers to educational advice on lifestyle changes that they need to implement. They can rely on the brochures to remember facts and figures provided in the graphics. The combination of verbal instruction and complementary information in the brochures is crucial in facilitating communication. Clients like antenatal mothers who are well educated, enlightened, and informed are more likely to comply with instructions. This is according to the US Department of Health a d Human Services or HHS (GI Supply, 2014).Discussion wk 8 Womens Health Essay.

Brochures also save time that may be spent by the healthcare professional at the first contact. This is because rarely do clients like antenatal mothers understand everything they are told verbally by the nurses and doctors. Therefore, brochures that are professionally done and incorporating graphics help to save time by facilitating understanding. Also, brochures have been shown to be instrumental in improving the treatment outcomes of patients and clients (GI Supply, 2014).

Why Settle on Brochures?

For antenatal mothers, brochures are the best as this will carry concise, simplified, and summarised health promotion information. This will include the main message that is the avoidance of smoking and alcohol in pregnancy and the deleterious effects of the same. Also, key points about the required healthy diet are presented. Additionally, information about the dangers of drug use in pregnancy is provided. This includes the birth of premature neonates. The wording is well thought out and the information is clear and legible apart from being concise. Lastly, the layout is well-balanced and attractive (Haute Autorité de Santé, 2008).Discussion wk 8 Womens Health Essay.

According to Flottman (2016), some of the benefits of using brochures are that they are actually cost effective apart from being easy to distribute to the antenatal mothers. Also, brochures have the other advantage of being able to hold a lot of information in a small space. They also help the healthcare person to form a strong bond with the client, personalise the health promotion information, and facilitate the dissemination of the nurse’s or doctor’s expertise (Flottman, 2016). In conclusion, therefore, brochures are to be preferred in health education and promotion to antenatal mothers.Discussion wk 8 Womens Health Essay.

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