Effective Communication and Practical Reflection.

Posted: November 16th, 2022

Effective Communication and Practical Reflection.


“Effective Communication and Practical Reflection” Please respond to the following:

Effective communication is essential for successful police professionals and law enforcement organizations. Discuss the historical development of communication technologies and explain any pros and/or cons of these technological advances.Effective Communication and Practical Reflection.


This week we will continue with what you plan to do after your graduate from Strayer. In Week 1, you were asked about where you wanted to work. This week, please describe the Agency or Organization that you want to work for or a promotion that you are currently seeking. Discuss its mission, culture, and how you will fit in once you have your degree.Effective Communication and Practical Reflection.

Effective Communication and Practical Reflection
The historical development of communication technologies
A major advancement in the history technology and policing has taken place in regard to communications technology. Police in the 1830s depended on the whistle, loud shout or rattle to alert other police officers within the region to come and offer assistance. These devices did not allow communication among officers on patrol along with their command structure. The adoption of police telephones and police call boxes in 1877 and 1844 respectively enabled police to communicate with emergency services and other stations, while the police call box allowed communication between patrol police, police stations, and citizens (Deflem & Chicoine, 2014).Effective Communication and Practical Reflection.
The invention of the two way radio along with the prevalent utilization of the car in the 1930s further increased the efficiency of policing. The scheme of police patrolling in cars, coordinated via the utilization of the two-way radios enable police to respond to calls from citizens, and also generated a more responsive, effective and efficient police force (Deflem & Chicoine, 2014). According to Dempsey and Forst (2015), the invention of the computers and the internet from 20th through 21st century has enabled the informal ad semiofficial communication amid police departments, with many police departments creating their own web pages and websites on the internet. Additionally, mobile technologies permit patrol officers to have access to file reports or real-time data via laptops via personal communication devices such as mobile phones or in patrol vehicles.
The agency I want to work for
I would like to work for the New York Police Department (NYPD). The NYPD is the principal investigation and law enforcement agency in the city of New York. The mission of the agency is to promote the quality of life for people living in New York through working in collaboration with the community in the enforcement of the law, preservation of peace, reduction of fear and maintenance of order. The values of the agency is to partner with the community to safeguard property and lives of fellow citizens and enforce the law impartially, fight crime through prevention and aggressive pursuance of law violators, maintain a greater degree of integrity and value life while respecting the dignity of every citizen and offering services with civility and courtesy.Effective Communication and Practical Reflection.
I would fit into the agency because my mission and values align with those of the NYPD. My mission is to protect property and lives of all people through fighting crime via deterrence and relentless track down of criminals. My values are to treat each individual with professionalism, respect, courtesy, and compassion, while efficiently providing services and enforcing the law with impartiality.Effective Communication and Practical Reflection.

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