Evidence-Based Project Proposal Poster Evaluation.

Posted: January 12th, 2023

Evidence-Based Project Proposal Poster Evaluation.


Develop a scholarly poster via PowerPointusing thetemplate provided
PICOT Question: In Adolescents with substance abuse (Problem), how does cognitive behavioral therapy (I) compared to no cognitive behavioral therapy (C) affect reduction of substance use behavior(O)within 6- months post intervention (T)?Evidence-Based Project Proposal Poster Evaluation.


FYI: You are welcome to use your article as long as its within 5 years, you don’t have to use the one I provided and you can use more than 2 references if you have to.
Evidence-Based Project Proposal Poster Evaluation Criteria Points
Clinical Problem/Background & Significance
• Brief description of problem
• Brief description of evidence-based intervention and supporting literature 10
• Goals of Implementation of the Intervention 20
• Patient Identification
• Implementation plan 30
Outcome Measures
• Description of proposed outcome measures 30
Summary Statement addressing use in advanced nursing practice 10
Assignment Requirements & Scholarly Presentation Skills:
• It is expected that the poster is well organized and visually pleasing with correct grammar and sentence structure and that APA format is followed when applicable
• References should be primary sources within the last 5 years
• Include citations and references used on poster
• Submitted timely
• Poor attention to these details will result in deductions

Evidence-Based Project Proposal Poster Evaluation.

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