Evidence-Based Research Paper

Posted: December 7th, 2022

Evidence-Based Research Paper

This week provided the most interesting learning opportunities that enhanced my writing skills and clinical expertise in evidence-based research. I must admit that previously, I unknowingly made some common errors in-text citations, the use of headers, and the use of in-text citations that did not match the reference lists in most of my APA assignments. However, after completing this week’s training, I am confident about my APA formatting skills and can comfortably share the same knowledge with peers. I learned how important it is to set up the header of a paper before starting to write the actual content. Essential guidelines that I recall about in-text citations are: including all in-text citations in the reference page, using “n.d.” in case there are no dates, using a shorter version of the title of an article that has no author, and placing last names of authors in alphabetical order when citing multiple sources in one sentence (Mandernach, Zafonte & Taylor, 2016). Evidence-Based Research Paper


As a master prepared nurse, I have also advanced my literature search skills by learning how to search for evidence-based literature that supports my capstone change project. According to Melnyk & Morrison-Beedy (2018), evidence-based practice forms the backbone of most reforms witnessed today in healthcare systems across the US. Therefore, healthcare providers should have adequate knowledge about how to conduct evidence-based research that influences change in clinical practice. I learned that, when searching for literature, it is important to ensure that the selected literature is from a scholarly source and the most recent (Rousseau & Gunia, 2016). My most efficient search strategy is that of combining search terms and identifying the keywords to use for a search. With these skills, I can demonstrate that I am a capable researcher by sharing the present state of research of my capstone change project as this only requires adequate knowledge of sources and good skills to locate, retrieve, compare and synthesize literature (Vom Brocke et al., 2015). Evidence-Based Research Paper


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