Evolving Nursing Practice Essay.

Posted: November 8th, 2022

Evolving Nursing Practice Essay.


Evolving Nursing Practice

The nursing field embraces the technological evolvement taking place across the globe. Thus, there are new practices in nursing that are being implemented courtesy to the advancing technology. Electronic Health Records (EHR) is a practice that is gradually implemented in modern nursing care. EHR involves storing patient information in electronic databases rather than in papers as it has been the tradition. After extensive research, it was discovered that there are numerous advantages of integrating electronic data recording in healthcare (Tubaishat, 2019). EHR has greatly improved nursing care. For instance, a nurse does not have to go to the hospital laboratory or make a call to determine the care a patient requires after sending samples for investigations. Instead, the nurse can check up the results uploaded on the patient’s database by the lab technologies. Therefore, clients receive efficient nursing care timely. Patient safety is another benefit of the new practice is since authorized healthcare providers can only access their information (Tubaishat, 2019). Advanced EHR contains features that will alarm the nurse on the risk that might occur while providing care like when the clients have allergies of specific drugs.

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Nevertheless, the new practice has its barriers to effective implementation. The main obstacle is the lack of skills among the nurses to use the databases. Financial constraints within the facilities to purchase the equipment required to have the practice in place is also a challenge (Aarons, Sklar & Sevdalis, 2017). Such barriers delay the endorsement and implementation of such advancements despite the apparent advantages. Translating any research into practice always has its drawbacks, not just the EHR system. Conventional limitations in the transition include financial constraints to fund the exercise (Aarons, Sklar & Sevdalis, 2017). Reluctance to change is also a hindrance that limits translating research to practice. The overall effect is the delay of the expected result of the new method.  Evolving Nursing Practice Essay.


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Tubaishat, A. (2019). The effect of electronic health records on patient safety: A qualitative exploratory study. Informatics for Health and Social Care, 44(1), 79-91.

Evolving Nursing Practice Essay.

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