Faculty of Health Studies Assessment Guidance.

Posted: January 17th, 2023

Faculty of Health Studies Assessment Guidance.


Please familiarise yourself with these as they provide details of all the Regulations that are applied by the University. Full details of the University Ordinances and Regulations can be found on the University website in Academic Quality and Partnerships Office .Faculty of Health Studies Assessment Guidance.

Your individual programme specification will detail any waivers from the general University assessment regulations. These can be found at

Academic Integrity (avoiding plagiarism)
The Regulation on the Presentation of work for Formal Assessment is one of the most significant types of academic misconduct so please make yourself aware of this University Plagiarism Policy.Faculty of Health Studies Assessment Guidance.


All new students are required to complete The Academic Integrity Induction which is housed in a Canvas course (LSS0001-Z_2018-9_ACYR_BDA). This is a University Regulation and must be completed before the first assignment deadline.

You should note that the University uses a plagiarism detection tool called TurnitinUK for all student work as the University has very strict regulations on the presentation of work for formal assessment.Faculty of Health Studies Assessment Guidance.

TurnitinUK will detect and report direct copying from many text books and any internet source, including submitted assignments from current or previous students. Therefore you should not use any work that a fellow student has used in their assignment as this will be detected by TurnitinUK. Work submitted electronically will be checked via TurnitinUK.

The University has strict policies and procedures for the investigation of students suspected of plagiarism, you will be informed if you are being investigated. Please access the Library workshops and the online referencing tools to help you understand how to what is involved with academic integrity and how to avoid poor academic practice. The University Library has a very helpful guide to avoiding plagiarism https://www.bradford.ac.uk/library/find-out-about/plagiarism/

You will be able to practice checking your work in TurnitinUK before submission of your work for assessment – this will be through in your module areas on Canvas.

Submission of your work
Most course work is required to be submitted electronically through Canvas. Module handbooks should indicate where submissions are made in other ways.

There are a series of principles and standards around the submission of your work that have been put in place to ensure equity for all students:

Your assignments must be electronically processed:

· Use your UB number and Module Title as the title of your document

· Use Arial Size 12 point

· Margins set to 2.54cm

· Use A4 paper for written work

· 1.5-line spacing and leaving a margin on the left hand side

· Do not include your name: Using the footer function you must number your pages, and add your UB number to each paper

· File names: avoid punctuation marks and spaces in file names, aim to keep the file name as short as possible

· File formats: check that you are submitting the correct file types. Most assignments will require files to be in doc or docx types. Files must have an extension (this is the 3 or 4 letters after the dot at the end of the file name) otherwise the computer is not able to identify the file or then to open it.Faculty of Health Studies Assessment Guidance.

Your work for assessment should consist of one document comprising:

· Assignment

· Self-Assessment form

At the end of your document after the assignment, appendices and reference list insert a completed self-assessment form, also available from the Canvas programme space

Presentation of work
· Include the number of words you have written, excluding list of references and bibliography – NOT the maximum words you are allowed.

· Not adhering to the assignment guidelines can lose you marks – please check your assessment brief in your module/programme handbook.

· Please note for any written work still to be submitted by paper – the use of slide binders, presentation folders and other elaborate presentation wallets is discouraged but some form of transparent enclosure is an advantage to stop pages and other parts of your submission such as CDs or your Self-Assessment going astray.

· You may include content, pages, abstracts, subheadings, tables, graphs, footnotes and appendices if they are appropriate and have clear relevance to your assignment. These should not be included in your word count.Faculty of Health Studies Assessment Guidance.

· Accurate spelling, grammar and punctuation and citation of sources are also important and are expected at this level of study.

· You should reference your sources using the Harvard referencing system. Please use the guidance provided by the University library https://www.bradford.ac.uk/library/find-out-about/referencing/referencing/

· Late or work not submitted: it is the University policy that any work that is submitted late without an agreed extension will receive a mark of 0%.Faculty of Health Studies Assessment Guidance.

Maintaining confidentiality
Not all of you are on programmes leading to professional qualifications or working under a

licence to practice but ethical behaviour is a key employability quality for the health and social care sectors.

During your studies in the Faculty you will be required to draw and reflect on your personal and/or practical experiences of ethical behaviour in:

· Assessments, and assignments

· Group discussions in class and online

· Experiential learning

· Clinical practice settings

It is therefore important that confidentiality be maintained at all times. It is your responsibility to ensure that your work is anonymised and any information that might identify a peer, client/patient, mentor/trainer workplace or organisation is omitted from all course work.Faculty of Health Studies Assessment Guidance.


· Use appropriate pseudonyms at all times and state in your assignment that you have done so.

· Refer to and apply your profession’s guidance on ethical behaviour.

· Refer to and apply your employers/placements requirements on ethical behaviour

Do not:

· Write down or share any information by which a patient/client, their relatives, or health professionals could be identified

· Break confidentiality in the classroom in any group discussions, enquiry based learning sessions etc.

· Misuse Facebook or other social networking sites (the NMC have issued specific guidance)

· Include names or addresses of places of work/practice etc. Guidance on referencing public and Trust documents can be found at Harvard Reference Guide.Faculty of Health Studies Assessment Guidance.

· Include patient/clients’ notes within your assignments

· Include photographs of clients in your assignments

· Include any copied documents naming individual organisations, which are not already in the public domain

· Electronically store personal details relating to patients/clients, practice staff

Note: whitening fluid /felt-pen cannot be relied upon to erase names from any document as confidential information can still be deciphered and you will be held responsible for the resulting breach of confidentiality.Faculty of Health Studies Assessment Guidance.

Faculty of Health Studies Policy on Breach of Confidentiality
· Confidentiality is taught as a core value in all our curricular and is based on professional body regulations as appropriate

· That it is the students responsibility to ensure anonymity and confidentiality at all times as in the FOHS Information Point guidelines

· That students are responsible for stating in their assignment that pseudonyms have been used so there is no room for doubt

· That students studying at levels 4 and 5 who breach service user confidentiality (for example by including their name, personal details/ photographs/ information that might lead to their identification) have the work returned to them with the opportunity to put this right within a short time frame (normally 24 hours) and have marks deducted in relation to presentation of work for submission. It should be made clear to the student that the only thing they can change is in relation to confidentiality.Faculty of Health Studies Assessment Guidance.

· The Personal Academic Tutor must be informed and ensure that the student reflects and learns from the experience.

· That for all other students who breach service user confidentiality, the fitness to practice policy is evoked, which will facilitate a contextual judgement to be made in a transparent way. The options will be:

· To deal with the case informally in which case the HOD and the first and second markers will agree on the mark to be awarded; e.g. marks may be deducted in relation to not following the guidelines for presentation of work for submission.Faculty of Health Studies Assessment Guidance.

· Where the breech is considered to be of a more serious nature, a mark of 0 may be awarded

· The process should be documented in the students file and shared with the external examiner.

· That programmes give specific guidance on the naming of organisations for which students work and that in cases where students name their organisation against specific instructions, this is dealt with in one of the following ways:Faculty of Health Studies Assessment Guidance.

· Marks will be deducted in relation to not following the guidelines for presentation of work for submission

· If the work contains material which is deemed to be not suitable for the public domain, the Fitness to Practice policy should be initiated, documented in the students file and shared with the external examiner

You are expected to develop skills in self-assessment as part of your professional development. You will be given advice on this by your programme team and the self-assessment forms that you need to complete can be found via the link in the Canvas programme space

The purpose of self-assessment is to encourage you to learn to recognise what is required of you and can be used when you are editing your work to ensure you have met the required level of achievement.Faculty of Health Studies Assessment Guidance.

When your work is marked the first marker will read your self-assessment and comment on your assignment feedback sheet how accurate you have been and why there may be differences between the self-assessment and the mark achieved.

How to use the self-assessment tool will be included in your programme

Submitting your work online
Your programme team will provide details of the hand in date and the specific requirements

for each individual module/piece of assessment in assessment briefings.

Before submitting your work, please complete a Student Self-Assessment Form and insert

this at the end of your work. When completing this form, it is important that you write some comments about how well you think you have done and why.

You do not need to submit a paper copy of your work. If you are submitting any work by post such as clinical log books these must be posted no later than the set deadline. You must obtain a proof of posting certificate completed by your post office. The address is:

Student Administration Office

FAO (insert name of programme)

Faculty of Health Studies

Univesity of Bradford

Richmond Road



Word Count
Please note regulation 8.9 of the Regulations Governing Undergraduate Awards and 9.13 of

the Regulation Governing Post Graduate Taught Courses imposes penalties for assessed work which exceeds a specified maximum permitted length i.e. goes over the given maximum word count.Faculty of Health Studies Assessment Guidance.

Example: where the maximum permitted length of an essay is 2400 words, a 3000

word essay (25% over the limit) will be marked, and then have 25% of the mark deducted to give the FINAL mark for consideration by the Assessment Committee.

The word limit will exclude bibliographies, reference lists, diagrams and tables, tables of contents footnotes and appendices of data.Faculty of Health Studies Assessment Guidance.

There is no penalty for writing less than the word limit. However, it is unlikely that you

will be able to meet the assessment criteria in substantially fewer words than the limit allowed.

Students will normally receive unratified marks on all assignments within 20 working days from submission. This means that the work has been marked and moderated/second considered within the department but not seen by the external examiner or processed by an Assessment Committee.Faculty of Health Studies Assessment Guidance.

· Provisional results (unratified by an Assessment Committee) results will be notified via the module on Canvas.

· Unconfirmed results – (ratified by an Assessment Committee) – available through e:Vision in results section.

· The Board of Examiners results will also be available in e:Vision.

Your personal transcript will be published in e:Vision. You can print or create an electronic copy of this to add to your CV or to give to a sponsor as evidence of your achievement.

Please note that in some instances unratified marks may be changed at the Assessment Committee. Your Programme Leader will be able to provide you with the rationale if your confirmed results are different from your provisional results.

Receiving Feedback on Your Work
The Faculty of Health Studies has developed a range of marking tools which provide you with a mark and feedback comments structured around a common set of criteria relevant to your level of study and the style of assessment.

Your programme team/module leader will provide you with information on which tool will be used for which pieces of assessed work. This will help you to develop your assignments around the criteria that will be used during the marking process.Faculty of Health Studies Assessment Guidance.

When your work has been marked, highlighted criteria and specific comments on the form will help you to identify which aspects of the assessment you have done well and also how to improve your marks in further work.Faculty of Health Studies Assessment Guidance.

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