Fundamentals of TeamSTEPPS Essay.

Posted: November 21st, 2022

Fundamentals of TeamSTEPPS Essay.


Question 1: How could TeamSTEPPS be incorporated into the various areas in which you practice? Would this type of culture change be welcomed? From an organizational view, would these concepts be easy to introduce? What would be the concerns? From a clinical view, would these concepts be easy to introduce? What would be the concerns? Fundamentals of TeamSTEPPS Essay.


Question 2: How would these methods of communication benefit patient safety, conflict resolution, teamwork, and/or a shared mental model?
Please locate an additional resource (published within the last five (5) years) that addresses the measurement impact of one of these elements in a specific clinical or administrative area of your interest to support your thoughts. Fundamentals of TeamSTEPPS Essay.
Please attach this additional resource to your main post.

Note: Please follow directions and answer all questions.


Question 1:
TeamSTEPPS can be integrated in mental health practice by liaising with nurses, pharmacists, mental health practitioners and physicians to coordinate patient care. Each of these healthcare providers will interdependently perform specific roles while working towards the common goal of safe and quality patient care. This culture would be welcomed due to its interdisciplinary nature and the urgent need for collaboration amongst healthcare providers for the patient’s benefit. These concepts would be easy to introduce since the organization’s mission is and vision are based on teamwork. However, a major concern would be ensuring that everybody participates willingly for a common goal to attain. Fundamentals of TeamSTEPPS Essay.
Question 2:
These methods of communication will benefit patients through role clarity that ensures each member of the team undertakes their roles and responsibilities, thereby reducing medical errors. Knowledge to expectations in the team encourages each team member to appreciate the roles of their colleagues, thus creating a shared model of healthcare delivery system. It also increases team knowledge, attitude, competency, and skills in healthcare provision, thereby enhancing patient safety. Conflict resolution will be achieved through creation of a chain of command and clear communication structure through which team members can air their concerns, share with their colleagues, and remain transparent and honest when reporting their complaints and frustrations with the team. These communication methods also enable the team members to coordinate, cooperate, and remain focused towards the pursuit of a common goal. As a result, it fosters a teamwork which works towards the realization of quality healthcare and patient safety. Fundamentals of TeamSTEPPS Essay.

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