Globalization has Lead to International Health.

Posted: December 10th, 2022

Globalization has Lead to International Health.


Discussion 8 Question 1

Globalization has lead to international health, which is a health issue that cannot be geographically contained and cannot be addressed by a single country alone.  the advanced practice nurse has the potential role to take part in addressing global health numerous of the international health issues, for instance, no communicable disease by engaging in healthcare restructurings that are universal across all nations, regardless of contextual disparities.Globalization has Lead to International Health.


Nurses are in a unique position to enhance shared learning internationally and participate in reverse innovation along with reverse capacity development (Premji & Hatfield, 2016).  As trusted professionals, nurses have the capacity of influencing aspects of healthcare reform by increasing their visibility in the shaping of policy decisions and international practice.  Nursing professionals and academic institutions can create an environment that enables nurses to develop competencies and skills to engage in international health reform and addressing inequalities in health and delivery of healthcare.Globalization has Lead to International Health.

The advanced practice nurse can play a key role to assist address issues and contribute towards achieving the millennium development goals and sustainable development goals. Because of their expertise, skills, values and extensive reach in relating with people globally, nurses can focus on international health issues and problems negatively affecting health which are the targets of sustainable development goals (SDGs). For nearly all the SDGs, nurses have the chance of contributing to the SDG at country levels. Across numerous of the SDGs, nurses can do research to assist in building evidence that promote public programs and policies that are effectual in attaining these goals (Wakefield, 2018). Globalization has Lead to International Health.  In addition, nurse educators can reinforce educational programs to make sure that individuals who will become nurses in the future will recognize the important role of nursing in assisting and contributing towards achieving the prioritized goals.  Nurse communicators can also communicate to health stakeholders that more need to be done to attain the SDGs so as to safeguard the health of all individuals, communities and nations.Globalization has Lead to International Health.


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