Health care marketplace – 5 important facts to note

Posted: November 1st, 2021

Health care marketplace

Doctors are the ones that focus on patients’ symptoms, not what is in their pockets. It is true that inside an office, doctors care for patients, yet the time to get there can be tedious.

Since healthcare is an expensive system, doctors can be picky at which insurance to accept. This can prolong the illness and discourage patients from seeking treatment.

Growing up I have personally experienced such dilemma. I recall the time I had to find a new family doctor for my parents since their current one did not accept insurances from the Health Care Marketplace.

Finding a provider was troublesome since not many accept the new insurance plans at the time. No one should be denied of patient care due to their limited health care benefits.

As a member of our society with a goal of patient care, I wish to place my family struggle as a model to avoid and to identify patients based on the similarities of their illnesses instead

health care marketplace

health care marketplace
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