Healthcare Ethics and Healthcare Reform.

Posted: November 4th, 2022

Healthcare Ethics and Healthcare Reform.

Healthcare Ethics and Healthcare Reform – According to the American College of Emergency Physicians. (ACEP) (n.d.), “the enacted Affordable Care Act (PPACA) of 2010 has fueled ethical debate of several important controversial topics. Ethical issues of health care reform include moral foundations, cost containment, public health, access to care, ED crowding, and end-of-life issues.” Review the following article: ACEP. (n.d).


The Ethics of Health Care Reform: Issues in Emergency – Medicine – An Information Paper. Retrieved from–legal/ethics/the-ethics-of-health-care-reform-issues-in-emergency—medicine—an-information-paper/#sm.0000s5twwucmldpxvhb28muxrbrou • From a healthcare administrator perspective, discuss the ethical and moral issues presented in this article. Do you agree or disagree? Explain your rationale in detail. • What ethical ramifications should be considered in regard to future healthcare reform Healthcare Ethics and Healthcare Reform.


Ali et al., (2016) highlight that, healthcare reforms in the United States have been inspired by a rapid population growth, increasing healthcare costs and the emergence of chronic illnesses that pose huge economic and social burdens to the government inters of management The enactment of the PPACA in the year 2010 is one such reform (Sommers, Kenney & Epstein, 2014). The main purpose of this act was to make healthcare universally available, affordable and of high quality. However, its implementation has been occasioned with numerous challenges which include moral issues in: crowding in emergency departments, containment of costs, end-of-life decisions, public health and access to care as it is discussed in this paper.

Arguments for and an Analysis of the Ethical and Moral Perspectives Presented In the Article and

According to an article by the American College of Emergency Physicians, the most notable moral and ethical benefits that citizens should obtain from healthcare include: high quality care, freedom of choice, affordability and availability (ACEP, n.d.).   However, basing on the provisions of the Affordable Care Act, citizens are guided on the care to be availed to them which includes preventive healthcare in form of immunizations, and health education, emergency care and to a lesser extent care on chronic illnesses (Sommers, Kenney & Epstein, 2014). This limitation negatively impacts the freedom of choice and negatively impacts health outcomes. The ACA has made care to be more expensive with regards to the number of ED visits that has exceeded the rate of population growth (ACEP, n.d.).This is true and high costs have been associated with short waiting times for consultations, care or procedures. High costs are also as a result of the fines that are placed on households which fail to subscribe to an insurance plan. Besides, pharmaceutical industries are pounded with very high tariffs that continue to make the cost of healthcare expensive which negatively impacts affordability (Sommers, Kenney & Epstein, 2014) Healthcare Ethics and Healthcare Reform.

Ethical Ramifications for Future Healthcare Reform

To improve the effectiveness of the ACA, policy changes that will deal with costs, freedom of choice, availability and affordability; policy makers should consider providing an option for the public where citizens are provided with early Medicare coverage in insurance marketplaces which will give citizens a bargaining power. The limitations on the care provided should be done away with and citizens provided with a wide range of options to choose from. Affordability can be guaranteed by ensuring that all providers who are licensed donate a specific percentage to their resources and time to care for those who are less privileged rather than allocation of budgets   and grants Healthcare Ethics and Healthcare Reform.




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