Historical Perspective on the Future.

Posted: January 10th, 2023

Historical Perspective on the Future.


In Unit 3, you were asked to view the motion picture, Gattaca, and discuss your thoughts on privacy in relation to the situations in the film. Gattaca presents a vision of the future of law, technology, and the workplace. Reflect on what you have learned about the historical relationship between power, legislation (statutory law), common law (cases), and the role of the human resource professional. Write a position paper on whether you think the future presented in the film is possible, and why or why not.Historical Perspective on the Future. Place the future depicted in the film into a historical context.


Address the following elements in your assignment: Analyze the historical relationships between power, statutory and common law, and HRM. Analyze a future vision of the HRM profession, using a historical context. Does the future depicted in the film seem like a natural outgrowth or continuation of our history? Is it realistic or exaggerated? Propose an HRM approach for integrating ethical and legal considerations related to new or unregulated technology. Choose a position and argue it. Conduct research and use a number of resources, including scholarly journals, to support your position. Include in-text citations and a list of references, using APA formatting, at the end of your paper. This paper should be 2–3 pages in length.Historical Perspective on the Future.

Historical Perspective On The Future


The Gattaca film focuses on the future opportunities of law and technology advancements and how these developments would impact society. Therefore, the film suggests that society will comprise of two different social classes. The first class being those with generic manipulation and are deemed as valid and the second social class will be those that are conceived naturally and not genetically manipulated and are perceived as invalid in the society of Gattaca(“Gattaca: A Movie Analysis – Free Essay Example | EduZaurus”, 2020). Generally, the discrimination faced by the invalid is the representation of today’s racial diversity and multiculturalism. Although it is 20 years now since the release of the film, it is evident that it does not mirror today’s reality since it has become difficult for human knowledge to predict what human beings will be like because it takes a combination of the environment and human DNA to make them who they are. However, it is clear that today’s world largely depends on genetic engineering, thus inclining more towards a Gattaca-like society thus validating the movie and making it less fictional.Historical Perspective on the Future.

Generally, the film responds to the possible social and legal in a future imagined society that depends on genetic engineering. The power and law system of Gattaca uses the philosophy of genoism to divide society into social classes as a way of keeping control. Vincent explains that today there is discrimination down to a science(“Gattaca: A Movie Analysis – Free Essay Example | EduZaurus”, 2020). Besides, Andrew Niccol Gattaca’s director states how genetic makeup is not important. Therefore, in this context, a person’s character would be evaluated and all the unwanted traits would be discarded. The films show how technology can empower human beings to do unethical things. the genetic discrimination used in Gattaca society facilitates the development of bureaucratic control. The film shows a world that has embraces screening of people’s DNA as a necessary practice before beginning any business and romance relationship. It is something that is taking place today. For example, AncentryDNA is a company that sequences people’s DNA and there are plans to grow this concept of genome sequencing where people will be told about aspects of their lives such as food sensitivities, sleep patterns, and heart problems(“Gattaca: A Movie Analysis – Free Essay Example | EduZaurus”, 2020). This paper will address the future vision of the human resource profession as depicted in the film.Historical Perspective on the Future.

The human resource profession is largely influenced and shaped by state and federal laws since they govern employment issues. Generally, every aspect of human resources such as recruitment and selection, placement, training and development, and compensation is governed by laws and regulations. For example, one significant human resource legislation that impacts all of its functional areas is Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and its amendments such as the Civil Rights Act of 1991(“Gattaca: A Movie Analysis – Free Essay Example | EduZaurus”, 2020) Prominently, these acts forbid employers from being discriminated against based on color, race, national origin, sex, and religion. Therefore, employers were expected to have documents observing fairness on matters related to hiring, pay, training, and pay and benefits. Further, the act provided civil penalties in case an employer discriminated against an employee.

There exists a network of the state as well as federal laws that regulate labor relations and employment. Therefore, companies of all sizes must remain abreast of the regulatory and legislative advancements in this area. Historically, the human resource profession was perceived to be least important in an organization(Feffer, 2020). however, it has now evolved into more than hiring and firing but is currently has a great impact on employees and the future of work. Initially, Human resource focused on hiring and firing but those are long gone days since it is now responsible for an array of employee activities which mostly revolve around engaging and empowering employees(Feffer, 2020). Besides, human resource managers have ceased becoming the police of organizations to coaches, thought leaders, and mentors. Also, it plays the role of shaping and leading strategy(“Human Resources Management and the Law”, 2020).Historical Perspective on the Future. The future depicted in the film as realistic as it captures the aspect of valid and the invalids which foster obligatory feelings. Ideally, the invalids are deprived of basic needs meaning that the rejection faced by the Invalids is socially engineered and is not coincidental. Presently, there is a rise of various social classes that tend to discriminate low-class individuals and offer them low ranking jobs since they are perceived as useless in society. Therefore, Gattaca portrays how genetic determinism can be used to permit bureaucracy in an organization thus using strict rules to lead citizens rather than results.Historical Perspective on the Future.

Most of the ethical and legal issues that face human resource cannot adopt a particular approach since they depend on the specifics of the situation(“Ethics in Human Resources: 6 Guidelines for HR Teams”, 2020). Most times, human resource issues may appear straightforward but have many hidden traps both ethical and legal especially to the leaders trying to solve them. Since issues arising from unregulated technology may impose ethical dilemmas to human resource professionals, it is important for them to always consider legal ramifications to the company before deciding on what to do.Historical Perspective on the Future.

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