Human Growth and Development Essay.

Posted: January 11th, 2023

Human Growth and Development Essay.


n this module, you explored several theories of human development including a psychodynamic theory advanced by Freud which was later built upon by Erikson. Although the initial stages of Erikson’s work parallels Freud’s, Erikson’s theory introduced three adult stages resulting in a more comprehensive lifespan view of psychosocial development. In your initial post: Apply Erikson’s theory to your own development and identify which of Erikson’s developmental stages you are in currently. Human Growth and Development Essay.


Based on your experiences or what you have witnessed in others, suggest a new stage of development to further Erikson’s theory. Be sure to give your new stage a name, describe its characteristics (age span, behaviors, challenges, etc.), and ensure that it’s clear where it would be inserted into Erikson’s existing stages. Describe whether or not you have achieved the goal of your newly created developmental stage. (about me: 35 y/o female nursing student, have be an LPN for 10 years. No children)

Human Growth and Development

According to Erikson’s theory, personality development occurs through a programmed order from infancy to adulthood.  Through each phase, an individual experiences a psychosocial crisis that either positively or negatively affects personality development (Erikson, 1982).

According to Erikson’s theory, currently, I am at the sixth stage, which is intimacy versus isolation. This is the phase where that occurs between 18 to 40 years where the key conflicts normally involve developing caring relationships with other individuals (Gilleard& Higgs, 2016). Human Growth and Development Essay.

From my experiences, a new development stage that should be integrated into Erikson’s theory is “blossom versus Regress” that normally occurs between 31 to 40 years. This stage should be inserted after the Intimacy vs. Isolation stage. This means that Intimacy vs. Isolation should occur 18 to 30 years. During the “blossom versus Regress” phase, the majority of people have completed their college education. Some have landed their dream jobs, operating businesses, while some are yet to make it in their career. Similarly, this is the phase where people get into stable marriages and reproduce. During this stage, those who are not married and have not borne children may feel that time is running out. Human Growth and Development Essay. This is also the phase people are likely to experience challenges in their marriages or relationships where some separate. At this phase, people tend to compare themselves with their peers in terms of career and relationship. Those who are not financially stable or in stable relationships and marriages as their peers may feel downtrodden and desperate. On the other hand, individuals who have achieved their professional and career goals and are in stable relationships or marriages tend to have a sense of satisfaction in life. Human Growth and Development Essay.


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