Improving LGBTQ Health: Nursing Policy .

Posted: November 25th, 2022

Improving LGBTQ Health: Nursing Policy .


Chapter 78: Taking Action: Improving LGBTQ Health: Nursing Policy Can Make a Difference
An advanced practice nurse play the role of an activist by taking steps to develop changes in policy and improving the quality of care for LGBTQ individuals along with their families. Some of these changes require nurses to advocate for organizations to take action and make changes, but nurses can also individually take significant steps to guarantee culturally competent, quality and safe care for every LGBTQ individual by being conscious of their personal behaviors and beliefs.


Nurses can also desist from participating in conversations that are demeaning or offensive toward LGBTQ individuals, and break off such conversations by other people (Mason et al, 2015). The key barriers encountered are biases of health professionals. The nursing staff is not adequately trained to recognize and lessen the impacts of their individual biases toward LGBTQ people.Improving LGBTQ Health: Nursing Policy .
To improve health outcomes for LGBTQ individuals, what I might have done differently is to expand my knowledge on sexual orientation and gender and research ways of providing proper care. Deepening my knowledge base will improve my understanding of the health needs of LGBTQ individuals and increase quickness in recognizing possible health risks for LGBTQ individuals seeking care. I can apply this knowledge as a future APRN to advocate for nurses to be adequately trained to identify and address their individual inherent prejudices to make sure that they are not contributors to health care inequalities experienced by LGBTQ populations. As Rowe et al (2017) indicate, several health care providers experience a variety of barriers to offering LGBT care and thus should become more culturally competent by improving their knowledge, openness and awareness. A key personal hurdle to quality care is prejudice towards LGBT individuals as expressed via health care provider behaviors, attitudes and beliefs.Improving LGBTQ Health: Nursing Policy .

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