Influence of Diversity and Inclusion Paper

Posted: January 16th, 2023

Influence of Diversity and Inclusion Paper

here was a time when diversity might be gauged by physical differences alone, and being included might be considered inclusion enough. However, changing perspectives on diversity and inclusion require a broader look at what each means, as well as the significance of each. This Module Assignment involves researching two healthcare organizations of your choice for the state of diversity and inclusion, and impact on the culture of each organization. You will consider how—and how well—each healthcare organization is leveraging diversity and inclusion as human resource management strategies to achieve organizational goals. You will illustrate your findings and conclusions in a PowerPoint presentation that you might share with current colleagues or save for future reference. To Prepare: Identify two healthcare organizations to compare. These may be two healthcare settings in which you have worked or are otherwise familiar with, such as through experiences of people you know well, or reliable resources, including Learning Resources in both weeks of this module. Compare the terms “diversity” and “inclusion,” how each is defined, and the influence of each on the culture of a healthcare organization. Influence of Diversity and Inclusion Paper For each organization, research to identify the dimensions of diversity and degree of inclusion (e.g., race, ethnicity, language, gender, age, religious beliefs, disabilities, as well as others described in the resources you use). Consider evidence you would use in assessing each organization and in comparing your views of each. Specifically, what would you look for to assess the level of diversity and concerns regarding inclusion? How would you go about obtaining this information? For example, on an organization’s website, look for mission statements on diversity and inclusion; employee forums addressing equity issues; and task forces on improving diversity and inclusion, or meeting related goals. Based on your research, reflect on the culture of each organization as it relates to issues of diversity and inclusion. Speculate on how diversity and inclusion issues affect, positively and negatively, such areas as: Organizational performance Staff morale Patient care Business case for diversity and inclusion Compare your evidence and insights on each organization for conclusions on the influence of diversity and inclusion within healthcare organizations. Reflect on leadership roles in healthcare organizations, including nurse executives, in supporting and promoting greater diversity and inclusion in healthcare settings. Prepare 2-3 pages to include the following: Define “diversity” and “inclusion” as applied to your presentation that will compare two healthcare organizations.Describe the two healthcare organizations you are comparing, including type and degree of diversity and inclusion, as well as organization type, size, location, and other distinguishing factors. Include supporting sources. Analyze the culture of the two healthcare organizations and how each is influenced by diversity and inclusion. Compare the cultures of the two healthcare organizations based on the role of diversity and inclusion in each, and strengths and weaknesses that relate to or derive from the degree of diversity and inclusion. Summarize your conclusions on the impact of diversity and inclusion on organizational culture in healthcare settings based on your comparison. Apply leadership strategies for a nurse executive to promote greater diversity, retain diverse staff members, and build cohesive teams and work groups. Influence of Diversity and Inclusion Paper


The two organizations under review have been identified as the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Formed in 1948, WHO is a global body that pursues the goals of improving health across the whole world. The organization functions under the mandate of 194 member states that are spread across six regions. Along with the member states, the organization has the shared objectives to achieving better health through combating communicable and non-communicable diseases, corporate services, preparedness, surveillance and response, and life-course. The organization’s primary role is to direct and coordinate care within the United Nations framework by directing and coordinating health care efforts through collaborations with research institutions, academia, foundations, civil society, international organizations, and governments (World Health Organization, 2020).

Formed in 1946 as the Communicable Disease Center, the CDC’s mission is to protect America from security, safety and health threats from both domestic and foreign sources. The organization functions under the mandate of Congress to fight diseases and support communities to do the same whether the diseases occur in the USA or outside the USA. To achieve this objective, the organization conducts critical scientific studies and provides health information that protects Americans against dangerous and expensive health threats and response when the threats arise. The organization boldly proclaims that it will use its scientific capabilities and expertise to improve American preparedness against current and growing health threats with the ultimate objective being to eliminate these diseases and end the devastation from epidemics (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2020).

WHO and CDC are health care organizations that strive to advance the health of the communities they serve. In fact, they strive to address health equity to improve the quality of care. For instance, they have both invested in cross-cultural training of their personnel to enable them better handle the needs of the multicultural communities they serve. The two organizations have exhibited cognizance of health disparities and equity thus better aligning them to reduce health care costs while providing value to communities. The diversity and inclusion training they provide to their personnel evidence this (Johnson & Rossow, 2019). The training acknowledges that every one of their personnel has implicit and explicit biases with the explicit biases being easy to identify since they exhibit in deliberate thoughts and actions, while implicit biases are more difficult to identify.  The training helps the personnel to become aware of their biases and address them. The premise is that the interactions and performance of personnel is likely to suffer if they hold assumptions about others. In addition, the trainings have acted as a springboard to facilitate discussions within the organizations, making them into more inclusive and diverse workplaces that are better able to serve the unique communities and helping their residents to reach their highest health potential (Johnson & Rossow, 2019). Influence of Diversity and Inclusion Paper

The trainings have helped to address two concerns. Firstly, they have helped with talent and human resources management through bringing awareness to and improving bias management for personnel. Secondly, they have help to improve population health by defining populations to uncover biases that could influence the experiences of marginalized groups and administration of culturally competent care (Rose, 2018). The lessons learned from the two organizations can help nurse leaders in understanding the diversity and inclusion training is important for ensuring that greater diversity is promoted in health care organization even as diverse staff members are retained, cohesive teams and workgroups are built.


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