Journal of Advanced Nursing Essay Example Paper

Posted: November 22nd, 2022

Journal of Advanced Nursing Essay Example Paper


The United States of America is currently facing a severe shortage of registered nurses, which is anticipated to last until the year 2030. This could be attributed to both an aging population and a high number of nurses who are retiring, which has resulted in many job openings for nurses around the country. The demand for nursing services is at an all-time high, which corresponds with the record number of people seeking medical treatment. According to projections made by the American Nurses Association, there will be a serious shortage of registered nurses in the United States over the next few years unless there is a significant increase in the number of nurses joining the workforce. An unprecedented amount of chances will present themselves at the forefront of the ever-evolving healthcare sector as the scarcity of nurses in the United States continues to worsen.


The PICOT question for this nursing problem is: In acute care settings, does sufficient nurse staffing compared to a nursing shortage lead to quality care and improved patient safety? Journal of Advanced Nursing Essay Example Paper

P: acute care settings

I: sufficient nurse staffing

C: nursing shortage

O: quality care and patient safety

This PICO question is relevant to nursing because as nurses actively care for patients, nurses play a crucially vital role in maintaining patient safety. Even with critically ill hospitalized patients, doctors may only spend 30 to 45 minutes per day with them, which hinders their capacity to observe gradual improvements in a patient’s health throughout the course of treatment and diagnosis. To ensure that patients get high-quality care and safety, a nurse’s responsibility involves monitoring patients for clinical deterioration, recognizing and conveying changes in patient condition, comprehending care procedures and the inherent limitations in certain systems, spotting errors and near misses, and executing a plethora of other activities. As such, patient safety is put in jeopardy if there are not enough nurses available to carry out these kinds of activities.

The databases I used for my literature search include CINAHL Plus with Full Text and MEDLINE. These databases are great resources for nursing research because they are assertive, peer-reviewed, and comprehensive. The keywords I used in my search include nursing shortage, retention of nurses, recruitment of nurses, and demand for nursing services. In addition, I refined my search for articles by applying filters to the results of my search. Because of this, I was able to get the most current research publications that were related to the nurse shortage. Filters are a useful tool that may be used in a variety of different ways to restrict the scope of a literature search. For instance, one can use filters to restrict the results to randomized controlled trials (RCTs) or observational studies Journal of Advanced Nursing Essay Example Paper.


In my initial search, I came up with a total of 458 titles. After that, I used the limits on the search, and I identified 27 titles that were pertinent to my PICOT question. Only seven of the studies were able to meet the requirements for level I, which is the highest level of evidence. Twelve of the studies were able to meet the requirements for level II research studies. Three articles most relevant to my PICOT question include:

Ghafoor Y., Yaqoob, M. A., Bilal, M. A., & Ghafoor, M. S. (2021). Impact of nurse shortage on patient care. Saudi Journal of Nursing and Health Care4(4), 114-119.

Griffiths, P., Recio-Saucedo, A., Dall’Ora, C., Briggs, J., Maruotti, A., Meredith, P., Smith, G. B., & Ball, J. (2018). The association between nurse staffing and omissions in nursing care: A systematic review. Journal of Advanced Nursing74(7), 1474-1487.

Rosenberg, K. (2019). RN shortages negatively impact patient safety. AJN, American Journal of Nursing, 119(3), 51.

Journal of Advanced Nursing Essay Example Paper

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