Letters To Legislators Essay Assignment Paper

Posted: November 3rd, 2022

Letters To Legislators Essay Assignment Paper

Subject: Seeking your Position on Scarlett’s Sunshine on Sudden Unexpected Death Act

Dear Senator Robert Casey,

I am a Healthcare Administrator in Atlanta, Georgia, who cares for babies and teaches new parents safe sleeping practices on a regular basis. I am writing in support of Bill S. 1130, the Scarlett’s Sunshine on Sudden Unexpected Death Act. If approved, the legislation would enhance children’s health. Each year, about 3500 infants in the United States die unexpectedly. To understand what prompted these fatalities, a detailed investigation is required. This law provides $1.5 million in grants for medical examiner training. It also authorizes the CDC to give $9 million in grants to perform thorough death scene investigations and improve the rate of a standardized autopsy. The bill would also require the CDC to update its death investigation forms to comply with the national reporting system’s form Letters To Legislators Essay Assignment Paper.


Clinics have been running short on supplies throughout the epidemic, and many people have lost employment, making it difficult for them to afford food or housing. From the funds granted to the Administration for Kids and Families, this measure would assist offer safe-sleep items to families to help decrease the risk of SUDI. The untimely loss of a child is one of the most traumatic experiences a parent can go through. They may feel enraged, guilty, grieved, frustrated, and so forth. It impacts not just parents but other family members and friends as well. This law also aids in providing support services to families whose baby has died suddenly and unexpectedly. I would like you to support this bill to assist babies and families in eliminating SUDI by increasing education and awareness, improving the death investigation process, and providing safe sleep options.

Subject: Seeking your Position on Stay in Line to Vote Act

Dear Rep. Susan Wild,

I am writing to express my concern regarding the Bill H.R 2440: Stay in Line to Vote Act, introduced by S. Representative Nikema Williams. I would appreciate it if you could respond to my email.  Legislators in Georgia enacted restrictive voting legislation during the last couple of months that places additional barriers between voters and their ability to vote. Among the provisions is one that makes it illegal to give food or drink – even water – to individuals standing in line to cast their ballot. Because the majority of claims are sent to my office as the Healthcare Administrator at Atlanta Health Clinic, I would want to hear your thoughts on the same problems that I do. In addition, I would want to get a short description of how the Georgia Senate has reacted to this particular issue in the past Letters To Legislators Essay Assignment Paper.

Additionally, I am interested in knowing the alternative approaches that the state of Georgia has contemplated or is considering doing in response to these issues. I want to address this matter as early as possible in order to provide the public with enough information to make an informed legal judgment about it. Because of this, I respectfully seek your feedback about the subject matter of this email so that I may react properly to the general public. Please keep me informed of any further changes that have been passed by the Georgia State Legislature to assist the bill’s passage into law. Thank you very much Letters To Legislators Essay Assignment Paper.

 Subject: Seeking your Position on Strengthening Partnership to Prevent Opioid Abuse Act Of 2018


Dear Senator Toomey,

I am a healthcare administrator in Georgia in the state of Atlanta. I am writing regarding the Bill S.2905 (115th): Strengthening Partnership to Prevent Opioid Abuse Act Of 2018.  This Act is about the opioid crisis that continues to ravage the country. As a Georgian native, I am aware of this crisis’s implications on our state and local governments. Behavioral therapies, the prescription and counselling of buprenorphine are all used to manage opioid addiction. The Strengthening Partnership to Prevent Opioid Abuse Act mandates the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to create a secure web gateway to facilitate: (1) data exchange among the CMS, Medicare prescription medication benefits packages, and Medicare Advantage (MA) plans; and (2) referrals by these schemes of dubious actions relating to fraud, abuse, or waste in order to start or aid inquiries by contracted organizations under the Medicare Integrity Program. A significant gap exists in sharing and transmitting some gathered information to such schemes, including information about providers that were recommended via the portal and trends in detecting suspicious actions. This is because of unjustified and restrictive policies. As a healthcare practitioner, I can only fathom how many lives are jeopardized due to the lack of effective interventions to address opioid abuse Letters To Legislators Essay Assignment Paper.

As a family member and friend, I can only think how having access to therapy might have spared the lives of the people I consider dear to me. Since you are a crucial member of Senate, I respectfully request that you join forces with the American Nurses Association to support the repeal of this sunset clause. This guarantees the continued use of federal resources to keep Georgians and the rest of the country safe. The Strengthening Partnership to Prevent Opioid Abuse Act provides fellow healthcare community members with the tools they need to combat this issue Letters To Legislators Essay Assignment Paper

Assignment Prompt Public policy has a major impact on your practice and your patients. Advocacy is an expectation of the advanced practice nurse. Elected officials care about what their constituents have to say. To make a difference, you need to be informed and engaged. Contacting your legislator and discussing issues is an important attribute of nurse leaders. In your interactions with lawmakers you want to be positive and nonpartisan, personal, persistent, patient, focused on your message, and provide accurate information. Directions Determine the issue or message (e.g., telehealth impact on your practice) you wish to discuss with your legislator(s). Resource: The American Nurses Association Federal Legislative Priorities for 2019. Identify your legislator and contact information from his or her website and/or search here. Choose one method of Advocacy: Letter/ Email. Letter or Email: The student must write three (3) letters or emails or a combination of letters/emails to their identified legislators (State and/or Federal). Legislators read correspondence, especially when it is personalized and clearly from a constituent. The following guidelines should be used when writing to your representative: Be brief (one page or less), and use your own words. Begin with the appropriate heading and address. Be specific: State the specific bill number and issue and state your opinion in the first sentence. Relate your experience with the issue. Use personal examples when possible. Your interest and concern about the issue is important. Ask the legislator to specifically commit to supporting or opposing the legislation you are writing about. Ask for specific reasons they are supporting or opposing the proposal. Sign and print your name and include your address and other contact information. If you have pertinent materials and/or editorials from local papers, include them. Avoid form letters/emails if possible. If you are using a sample or form letter, be sure to adapt it, especially in the first sentence and paragraph. Legislators and their aides recognize form letters and are less likely to be influenced by them. Thank him or her for considering your opinion. Legislators: SUSAN WILD (Democrat) Bill H.R 2440: STAY IN LINE TO VOTE SENATOR ROBERT CASEY (DEMOCRAT) BILL S.1130 (116TH): SCARLETT’S SUNSHINE ON SUDDEN UNEXPECTED DEATH ACT SENATOR PAT TOOMEY ( DEMOCRAT) BILL : S.2905 (115TH): STRENGHTENING PARTNERSHIP TO PREVENT OPIOID ABUSE ACT OF 2018

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