Posted: December 11th, 2022



The class has been informative on life coaching as a concept. To be more precise, it has heightened my awareness of the impact of self on life coaching activities. To be more precise, I now understand that effective life coached requires a combination of five features. The first feature is an enhanced relationship with self and others to create deeper connections with clients.LIFE DB 4.


The second feature is professional development with advanced studies to acquire new counseling skills and knowledge. The third feature is increased self-awareness. The fourth feature is discipline and structure. The final feature is passionate purpose that provides energy acts as a drive to continue providing the best possible coaching services. Besides the five features, I now understanding that life coaching focuses on partnering with clients in creative and though provoking processes to inspire them to maximize their potential both in the professional and personal spheres. In addition, I now understand that clients have all the answers and that the coach focuses on helping the client to identify needs and how to meet the needs(Collins, 2009).LIFE DB 4.
Although the life coaching class has been an informative process that has improved my expertise as a life coach, I need to improve my proficiency in two skills to further enhance my coaching capacity. Firstly, I need to improve my communication skills, particularly actively listening skills to include reflection, clarification, short interjections, affirmations, summaries, paraphrasing, reiteration, and rephrasing. Secondly, questioning skills with a focus on presenting non-judgmental, open-ended, simple and short questions. I intend to improve my skills through practice with other life coaches who can offer constructive feedbacks on the areas that I need to improve and how to improve (Collins, 2009).LIFE DB 4.
Discussion Board Forum 4
Topic: Personal Reflection
Thread Prompt: What did you learn about life coaching that you did not know prior to this class? What specific coaching skills would you like to improve, and what steps do you need to take to achieve your goals?

Please use this reference in DB
Collins, G. (2009). Christian coaching: helping others turn potential into reality. Colorado Springs, CO:NavPress.LIFE DB 4.

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