Major Social Media Outlets.

Posted: December 27th, 2022

Major Social Media Outlets.


These are the four major social media outlets,; LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.
There are four “major” social media networks and yet hundreds of different social media outlets exist. In your opinion should a company be on ALL four of the major outlets and others? Why?Major Social Media Outlets.


AMP 425 Topic 7 DQ 2
The advent of social media has revolutionized the business environment and offered business entities unique advantages. With social media sites and subscribers increasing at an exponential rate, business entities are identifying strategies for leveraging these sites to improve marketing outcomes. In fact, whole departments are being created and resources dedicated towards improving efficient and regular use of social media. These investments are justified by the fact that the social media wave is not expected to end soon. With the amazing growth potential offered by social media, it is not surprising that marketing activities are focusing on leveraging proper social media channels in the best manner. This should be done not because social media is simple or that it is the ‘in-thing’, but because it has a large audience that can be targeted as they engage with their favorite sites, allowing business entities to connect with them at different levels(Smith, 2019).Major Social Media Outlets.
It is evident that being on all major social media sites should be an admirable objective of business entities. That is because it allows them to generate business, connect to the market more closely, and serve customers at a higher level. To be more precise, this move would offer seven advantages. Firstly, enhancing brand loyalty through consistent and value-oriented communications. Secondly, satisfying customers through personalized customer service. Thirdly, increasing market conversion rates from business leads. Fourthly, improving search engine optimization. Fifthly, increasing inbound traffic for online sites. Sixthly, boosting brand awareness through identifying audiences, using visuals, creating conversation and measuring efforts. Finally, leveraging social advertising through performance analysis, targeted reach and lower advertisement costs (Smith, 2019). The mentioned arguments make it clear that a company should be on all major social media outlets.Major Social Media Outlets.

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