Management and Leadership and Practical Reflection.

Posted: January 6th, 2023

Management and Leadership and Practical Reflection.


“Management and Leadership and Practical Reflection” Please respond to the following:

Stojkovic, our textbook author, identifies both management and leadership as process. For this discussion, research and report on the differences between management and leadership. How do these differences influence professionals in criminal justice organizations?
Determine what you want to do with your degree, specifically: where you want to work; what you want to do, and what motivated you to choose that job and place to work?Management and Leadership and Practical Reflection.


Management and leadership and practical reflection
Part 1.
Although management and leadership are terms that are typically used interchangeably, the two terms are fundamentally different. In this case, management is concerned with carrying out four unique formal functions that include: controlling, leading, organizing and planning. For that matter, a manager occupies a formal position. In contrast, leadership is concerned with carrying unique responsibilities that include encouraging others, providing guidance and inspiration, motivation and communication. Based on the two definitions, it is clear that professionals in criminal justice organizations should have both management and leadership skills. Through integrating these skills, they are able to develop and execute a vision, direct efforts, focus on people, act with integrity and honesty, inspire others, communicate, and challenge. These are qualities important for identifying and reforming criminal behavior (Smith et al., 2014).Management and Leadership and Practical Reflection.
Part 2.
With a degree in criminology, I would be interested in working in the school system and juvenile facilities. That is because it is comprised of impressionable young people who can easily develop long lasting criminal behavior if not well managed. In fact, I am more concerned with preventing criminal behavior such that young people are offered the right guidance to avoid social vices. In addition, I intend to ensure that these vices are identified early on and the concerned individuals reformed so that they do not continue with the vices and develop into criminals as adults. My motivation for focusing on the school system is the increasing prevalence of school violence and bullying, and difficulty in identifying cases unless directly reported, with no effective measures in place to address these concerns. Working in the school system would allow me to develop more effective protocols for addressing school bullying and violence, creating anonymous reporting protocols that protect the children while identifying the perpetrators. I expect that this will better protect young people against developing into criminals later on in life.Management and Leadership and Practical Reflection.

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