Medicine Management Discussion Essay

Posted: January 18th, 2023

Medicine Management Discussion Essay

I have a keen interest in the concept of helping others through chemistry and biology applications, especially with regards to how chemical agents influence health care through prescription medication. In this case, I would watch any medical television program related to medical care, such as Emergency Room, Scrubs, Residents, and Grey’s Anatomy. Watching these television programs allowed me reinforced my fascination with medication, and allowed me to appreciate the nuances of medicine management. While these television programs increased my understanding of nursing as a complex science subject that combine chemistry and biology elements, they made me understand that medicine intended to improve health can have the opposite effect if not well managed. It is this awareness that made me pursue a nursing career. Although my goal is to be the best possible nurse, helping a larger number of people will be the real triumph. Medicine Management Discussion Essay


I have always aspired to make a meaningful contribution towards medicine management. In this case, my intention is to present strategies for prevention prescription drug abuse either through revising controlled substance agreements or identifying potentials for prescription drug abuse. In fact, I am an independent and ambitious individual who accepts that I must be at the forefront of bringing about the change that I desire. For that matter, my nursing practice background has reinforced my inclination to join a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program that would offer me more nursing and leadership skills and knowledge to make the change. I anticipate that joining the DNP program will better prepare me for evidence-based practice. Through the program’s challenging academic environment that rewards hard work, I will be able to critically evaluate, advance, and apply operational nursing policies in prescription drug management. Overall, the program will allow me to appreciate nursing care and its implications for prescription drug management. Medicine Management Discussion Essay


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