Mental Health Parity Compliance Act Essay Discussion Paper

Posted: December 28th, 2022

Mental Health Parity Compliance Act Essay Discussion Paper


RS 28:52 is a Lousiana state law that mandates people with mental health issues or drug abuse issues who are unable to provide informed and voluntary assent to a voluntary admission status to be accepted as noncontested admissions to a care facility (LANP, 2022). If it is medically possible, admissions doctors are urged to accept mentally ill or drug misuse patients to treatment institutions on voluntary admission category (LANP, 2022). Moreover, each individual accepted on a voluntary status must be notified of any other treatment plans or facilities that are medically suitable, and they must be given the option to pursue admission to other medical programs. Mental Health Parity Compliance Act Essay Discussion Paper


The “Mental Health Parity Compliance Act of 2019” is the most recent federal law impacting mental health and the practice of PMHNPs. In public health crises, this law would promote and expand access to mental health and drug abuse services (Thalmayer et al., 2017). In the event of a public health emergency, it would be necessary to develop a specialized plan for providing assistance and accessibility to health treatment. With the help of a definition of the administrative operations, preparedness and response actions will be determined. There will be an annual report on how to enhance mental health support during a public health crisis one year after the measure was signed into law.

Both legislations would have my support and I would work to see them passed. A PMHNP might lobby for legislation in a variety of ways. It is possible to become involved in the legislative process. Advocacy resources, such as website information center, provide talking points for discussing a bill with others. In addition, contacting a state senator or representative and providing talking points might help politicians better understand the bill Mental Health Parity Compliance Act Essay Discussion Paper


Louisiana Association of Nurse Practitioners. (2022).   Advocacy resource center.

Thalmayer, A. G., Friedman, S. A., Azocar, F., Harwood, J. M., & Ettner, S. L. (2017). The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) evaluation study: impact on quantitative treatment limits. Psychiatric services, 68(5), 435-442.

THIS IS AN EXAMPLE Discuss current Louisiana state as well as current Federal legislation affecting mental health and/or PMHNP practice. What can you do to support or oppose this legislation? HB764 is a house sponsored bill in the Louisiana Legislature for the 2022 session. This bill would mandate screening of all mothers 12 months after birth for perinatal mood disorders. Providers that care for mothers after birth would be required to screen. In addition, providers that also care for pediatrics and infants would also be required to screen for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders at the American Academy of Pediatric recommended follow-up visits of one, two, four, and six month intervals for infants. Hospitals and birthing centers would also be required to provide literature postpartum and prior to discharge regarding postpartum depression. Finally, a database of providers that treat maternal mood, substance, and anxiety disorders would also be developed. These screenings would also ensure providers are reimbursed for these visits (March of Dimes, 2022; Perinatal Mental Health Policy, 2022). Current federal legislation affecting mental health and PMHNP practice is the PREVENT Pandemics ACT. This bill would support and increase access to mental health care along with substance abuse treatment during public health emergencies. Mental health treatment during a public health emergency would be required to have a specific strategy to ensure support and access to care. Preparedness and response activities would be identified along with a description of the administration activities would be identified. Further, advisory councils one year after passage of the bill would report ways to improve mental health services during a public health emergency (Govtrack, 2022). I would support the passage of both bills and would advocate for each. There are multiple ways that a PMHNP can advocate for legislation Mental Health Parity Compliance Act Essay Discussion Paper.


The Louisiana Association of Nurse Practitioners, or LANP, (2022) gives several ways to become active in legislation. A few examples include an advocacy resource center on the LANP website with talking points on bills, when talking to others about the bill. In addition, finding a state representative or senator and discussing the bill through talking points can assist with information for legislators (LANP, 2022). I would support both of these bills by contacting my state or federal representative and either emailing or calling while also reviewing the talking points to inform my legislator. References (2022). S. 3799-117th congress: PREVENT Pandemics Act. Louisiana Association of Nurse Practitioners. (2022). Advocacy resource center. March of Dimes. (2022). HB 784: improving maternal mental health. Perinatal Mental Health Policy , HR 784, HLS 22RS-1065, 2022 Louisiana Legislative Session. (2022).  Mental Health Parity Compliance Act Essay Discussion Paper

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