Milestone One: Strategic Plan.

Posted: November 3rd, 2022

Milestone One: Strategic Plan.


The milestone rubric is attached as well as the final project rubric or clarification of the overall project. Selecting a topic for the final project, I don’t work in a healthcare facility to use as an example in this project.


Milestone One: Strategic Plan.

This project will focus on the adoption of mobile health clinics as the most effective channel to provide healthcare services to vulnerable populations and help to alleviate healthcare disparities among ethnic minority groups, particularly those with the highest prevalence of chronic lifestyle diseases. Mobile health clinics have numerous benefits such as: promoting access to urgent medical services, initiating treatment of chronic illnesses and preventive health screening. Since they can easily penetrate deep into community settings and the services provided will be free, they will impact and address needs of target communities and populations (Hill et al., 2014).
This plan will impact Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, a privately found organization which was established the year 2000. The major aims of the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation are; to promote healthcare, alleviate extreme poverty, to expand opportunities for education and access to information (Harman, 2016). With regards to promoting healthcare, the organization has purposed to collaborate with other relevant partners in the public and private sector to provide effective vaccines, screening, diagnostics and drugs as a way of promoting creative ways to deliver care to those in need. Therefore, the adoption of mobile health clinics would be a more effective approach of achieving this goal.Milestone One: Strategic Plan.
The selection of this issue was inspired by the fact that despite reforms and efforts to improve the quality and access to care in the United States, the major issues that are still a setback to the provision of healthcare are an increased prevalence of chronic diseases and increased healthcare costs (Hill et al., 2014). Besides, there is a gradual growth in health disparities in the society, and those that are the most affected are minority groups. This explains why it is necessary to not only explore but also implement new models of care in the present healthcare system so that the increasing health needs of the general population are met. According to Hill et al., (2014), failure to do so, we shall continue to witness difficulties in the provision of equitable and quality healthcare services. The adoption of mobile health clinics is a perfect example of such an innovative model.Milestone One: Strategic Plan.

To get started with your project, you will need to select an organization. This can be the place you work, an organization you are interested in, a past employer, and so on. Then, you will research a need within that organization. Examples include improved infection control program, expanded respiratory illness education services in rural communities, additional imaging machines to decrease wait times, addition of a new urgent care, and so on. Review your first guideline and the complete project requirements for specific guidelines.
Module One provides an opportunity for you to assess issues in the current healthcare delivery system. Emphasis is placed on emerging trends and the forces affecting how healthcare is delivered and accessed within the United States. This module will also be the first stage in the development of your capstone project with the selection of your initiative and organization for implementation.Milestone One: Strategic Plan.


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