MN 504 Evidence Based Unit 10 Discussion

Posted: November 19th, 2022

MN 504 Evidence Based Unit 10 Discussion

Your postings should be qualitative and provide substantive depth that advances the discussion. Topic 1: Collaboration for Research and Evidence-based Practice Consider the role of the nurse as an interdisciplinary team member in completing research and using research findings to inform health care practices. Review the following: • Women’s Health Initiative retrieved from • Collaborative strategies to enhance research and evidence-based practice. (see Journal in Reading) Answer the following questions: • Discuss the role of the advanced practice nurse as an interdisciplinary research collaborator and member of the interdisciplinary team obligated to co-participate in the implementation and use of evidence-based practice. • End your discussion by providing an example of an evidence-based change that would require the collaborative efforts of nursing and at least two other healthcare disciplines and that would lead to quality improvement in healthcare.

MN 504 Evi Unit 10 Dis
The role of an advanced practice nurse as an interdisciplinary research collaborator includes being a clinical leader during the implementation of research evidence and care management. An advanced practice nurse will, therefore, provide professional leadership during implementation of evidence-based change (Engelke & Marshburn, 2006). An advanced practice nurse is an expert in their clinical specialty and health promotion strategies and hence they have the role of contributing their expertise towards the evidence-based research (Van Wormer et al, 2013).


More importantly, the advanced practice nurse is a researcher. MN 504 Evidence Based Unit 10 Discussion. Therefore, they have the role of facilitating evidence-based practice through research evaluation, guiding other team members of how to apply the relevant research findings to guide practice, and also guiding the interdisciplinary research team on how to use research findings to evaluate the quality of care and improve patient outcomes (Woo et al, 2017). As a collaborator with other team members, the advanced practice nurse plays the role of initiating, supporting and taking parting in interdisciplinary research (Engelke & Marshburn, 2006).
During research, an advanced practice nurse can act as a research coordinator or principal investigator with the responsibility of designing and over-sighting the research protocol with other team members (Woo et al, 2017).
An evidence-based change such as infection Control would need collaborative efforts of nursing, physicians as well as laboratory personnel, in order to lead to a reduced rate of hospital-acquired infections. This is because all these healthcare disciplines are involved in handling patients and hence such a project would need collaborative efforts of any healthcare provide coming into contact with the patient. In such a project the advanced practice nurse has the role of collaborating with other team members during the research.

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Woo B, Lee J & Tam W. (2017). The impact of the advanced practice nursing role on quality of care, clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, and cost in the emergency and critical care settings: a systematic review. Hum Resour Health. 15(63). MN 504 Evidence Based Unit 10 Discussion

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