N515PE-18A_20Jan Research Design.

Posted: December 13th, 2022

N515PE-18A_20Jan Research Design.


Discussion 6
A qualitative study involves several steps. I would conduct a qualitative study of the topic I chose by identifying the research problem, identifying the study design and reviewing the literature. Literature review entails studying what has been written about my research problem. Stating the research questions, hypotheses, procedures, and objectives will be the next step in the qualitative study process. I would use questions to offer direction to data collection.N515PE-18A_20Jan Research Design.


The next steps involve the collection and analysis of data. The methods of data collection will be consistent with the study’s purpose and research problem. Grove and Gray (2019) claim that since the qualitative researcher aims to understand have an understanding research problem from the participants’ perspective, they purposely recruit fewer participants while ensuring that each participant as experience with the topic under research or is working or living in a specific culture. After collecting and analyzing data, I will determine the quality of data then report my research.N515PE-18A_20Jan Research Design.
I would use a phenomenology qualitative design that focuses on describing specific phenomena as they are experienced or lived by individuals. The basic goal of this research design to help the researcher understand what an experience implies within the context of the lives of individuals. As indicated by Creswell and Poth (2016), the basic goal of a phenomenology study is to reach an explanation of the nature of certain phenomena. Generally, the research conducts interviews with a group of persons with personal knowledge about an experience, situation or event. The researcher may also use other types of data such as observations and documents. I would analyze the data through thematic analysis which will entail reading and reading and culling for like themes and then group them for clusters of meanings. Through thematic analysis, the researcher is able to construct the common meaning of the experience, situation or event and reach a more insightful comprehension of the phenomenon.N515PE-18A_20Jan Research Design.



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