Nociceptive Pain – 3 effective ways to cure the pain

Posted: November 8th, 2021

What is the difference between nociceptive pain and non-nociceptive pain?

A burn or a cut are examples of nociceptive pain. A back injury, such as a slipped disc, or damage to nerves from uncontrolled diabetes are examples of non-nociceptive pain.

All answers are correct

Nociceptive pain is pain felt in the skin, joints, muscles, ligaments, and organs. Non-nociceptive pain is nerve pain from within the nervous system

Nociceptive pain is sensed by stretched, oxygen deprivation, inflammation, and temperature. Non-nociceptive pain is sensed from damage to our actual nerves.

nociceptive pain
Shot of a young woman experiencing stomach pain while lying on the sofa at home

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