NU420M6 Communciation Techniques and Working Relationships.

Posted: December 24th, 2022

NU420M6 Communciation Techniques and Working Relationships.


Workplace conflicts are common in the healthcare settings like any other fast-paced environment. Conflicts are normal during social interactions. However, lack of effective management of these conflicts can cause devastating effects and particularly on the patient outcomes and organizational productivity. As such, this paper seeks to address workplace conflicts, communication techniques and working relationshipsthrough the exploration ofa case involving a senior nurse, Sue, and the other staff members. NU420M6 Communciation Techniques and Working Relationships.


            Sue is a team leader and a friend of the administrators. This has seen her look down on the other staff, become rude and abrupt to others who feel that she treats them poorly. For this reason, several nurses have threatened to quit and the moral level of the staff has gone down to an extent of the patients noticing. As the nurse manager, I resolved this problem using both the nursing ethics and used the conflict management techniques discussed below. NU420M6 Communciation Techniques and Working Relationships.

My first strategy was to decide on dealing with the conflict to prevent its escalation. Here, I summoned Sue and talked the situation out to her face to face. This might have felt a bit intimidating to her but it was the best approach to the situation since she employed the same tactics to downplay the role of the other staff members because she was friends with the administration. This strategy provided an opportunity remind her of the professional demands of the nursing practice as well as warn her of the consequences of her actions. On the other hand, I reminded her of the nursing ethics and values including the use of humane behavior, respect, responsibility and equality among other. I also held a meeting with the entire staff including the administrators to address the issue of discrimination in the workplace. NU420M6 Communciation Techniques and Working Relationships.

The situation involving Sue and the other staff involves the interpersonal, intrapersonal and organizational conflicts in multiple ways. Interpersonal conflicts entail the interference of the achievement of goals through the frustration of their efforts by others. In this case, Sue’s poor treatment of the new nurses prevents them from delivering their services effectively. Another example is that she is rude and abrupt to other and she intimidates them due to her closeness with the organizational leadership. NU420M6 Communciation Techniques and Working Relationships.

On the contrary, intrapersonal conflicts occur within an individual (Day, 2015). This is evident among the staff members who are torn between quitting their jobs andpersevering the mistreatment from the senior nurse. The other staff is also afraid to come forward about the hostile situation at the workplace due to fear of the consequences associated with reporting Sue. Consequently, the organizational conflict depicted in this case is the employee-employee conflict whereby Sue mistreats and disregards the other members. Another one is the employee-management/supervisor conflict whereby the employees feel that Sue gets away with mistreating them even after reporting to the management and thus they are not listened to due to her connections.

Notably, this situation creates an ethical dilemma in the clinical setting. Nursing ethics demand respect for other professionals as well as the patients. In this case, Sue does not respect the other staff which has put them into the dilemma of choosing to care for the patients through extra shifts and quitting their jobs. When the nurses decide to leave their jobs or decline the extra shifts, they breach the autonomy and beneficence principles of nursing ethics as they act against the good of the patient. However, staying in a hostile environment also affects their psychological wellbeing and performance. NU420M6 Communciation Techniques and Working Relationships.

As a nurse manager, I will analyze this situation and act according to the benefits of the patient since nursing care is patient centered in this institution. I will therefore, address the root cause of the problem which will involve formulating policies against discrimination and mistreatment of workers (Baddar, Salem &Villagracia, 2016). The policy will entail the punishment of suspension and dismissal of workers creating a hostile environment in the workplace. I will also organize discussions including the administration and the workers and teach them on how to better communication in the organization. I will also address the consequences of poor communication among nurses that has caused fear of expression and hostility and request for suggestions on how to improve the situation. This will encourage reporting, improve respect and prevent worker turnover as well as optimize productivity and communication. NU420M6 Communciation Techniques and Working Relationships.

The organization is seen to be running under uncivil and immoral setting following the mistreatment and lack of respect in the organization. The best possible interventions to increase the moral levels and stop incivility on the unit include reviewing the organizations moral values and ethical standards to ensure that they address the morality and civility issues. In addition, encouraging teamwork and teaching good communication skills to the workers will improve the manner in which they relate with one another (Lahana et al., 2019). Moreover, ensuring equality and responsibility as well as changing the organizational moral culture through team work activities and collaboration will encourage the workers in doing the right thing and promote morality and civility within the organization. NU420M6 Communciation Techniques and Working Relationships.



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