(NUR 648E) Assessment Strategies.

Posted: January 2nd, 2023

(NUR 648E) Assessment Strategies.


Forrmative and summative assessments should align with instructional objectives and provide instructors with a variety of ways to measure learning. Instructors have the responsibility to create a test blueprint before creating the assessment to guide them in item writing.

The purpose of this assignment is to create a test blueprint based on the health care practice you selected in Topic 2 and the objectives you created in Topic 3. After the blueprint is developed, create a summative assessment that consists of five multiple-choice questions. Following each question, include a short narrative that addresses the following:(NUR 648E) Assessment Strategies.



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The domain of knowledge each question addresses.
A rationale for strategies used in the development of your test blueprint and multiple-choice questions.
An explanation of how the test blueprint guided the development of your summative assessment based on learning objectives.

Include the test blueprint, summative assessment, and associated narratives as one Word document. Add your test blueprint and summative assessment to your Nurse Educator Electronic Portfolio.(NUR 648E) Assessment Strategies.

APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite.

Reflective journals
Record of experiences, individual thoughts & ideas about the learning process
Students reflect on their learning experiences & insights
Used to help students reflect on & store clinical learning in memory
To examine the student’s insights about the course’s learning process

Reflective journals Cont.
Enables students to identify own strengths & weaknesses
Enables students to develop critical & nursing skills
Educators identify students’ thoughts about the course
Assessment reflective thus objective marking difficult
Very time-consuming
Reflective journals applicable in both theory & clinical settings
Concept maps
Graphical display & linking of key concepts
Demonstrates conceptual knowledge & their relationships to the topic
Includes concept labels connected with labeled lines
To assist students organize & represent knowledge graphically

Concept maps
Useful in examining critical thinking among students
Can be used as a quick assessment to check conception’s about a topic
Time consuming to set an assessment criteria
Difficult to give individual feedback
Concept maps are more applicable in a theory learning.(NUR 648E) Assessment Strategies.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
Form of assessment where student select a choice/choices from a list of answers
Contains set of possible answers
Plausible distractors but incorrect answers to the question
To assess student’s ability/knowledge about specific content area

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) Cont.
A well-established reliable technique to assess knowledge
Very specific & thus easy to mark
Promotes cramming instead of learning
Do not test student’s in-depth understanding
Suitable for testing knowledge theoretically & clinical setting

Portfolio assessment
A collection of students’ works related to learning
Student gathers work over a long time
A form of student’s reflection about course’ learning
To evaluate the learning progress & academic achievement
To determine if learners have met learning standards

Portfolio assessment Cont.
Adaptable to various levels of assessment
Directly measures & evaluates student’s learning processes
Can be labor-intensive
Subjective assessment technique & thus hard to measure reliability
Useful in both clinical and classroom settings

Short-answer questions
Open-ended questions
Students required to create answers
Responses not limited in length
Used to assess student’s basic knowledge & understanding of a topic

Short-answer questions
Easy to mark and analyze results
Examines student’s in-depth understanding of the content/knowledge
Assessment’s accuracy can be affected by spelling mistakes or handwriting
Can lead to grading difficulties
More applicable in a classroom setting

(NUR 648E) Assessment Strategies.

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