Nurse Educator Nursing Plan Essay.

Posted: January 11th, 2023

Nurse Educator Nursing Plan Essay.


As a nurse educator, you will be responsible for creating effective lessons for various settings. Choose a teaching and learning experience from your clinical setting. You may use the clinical experience from your Topic 4 discussion response.Nurse Educator Nursing Plan Essay.


Based on the experience you chose, use the engagement, student learning, and creating effective learning environment strategies that you have learned in this course to develop a lesson plan on similar content for two additional settings (such as an asynchronous online session and teaching a nursing student in the clinical setting, etc.). Use the lesson plan examples found in the topic materials to assist you in creating your lesson outlines.Nurse Educator Nursing Plan Essay.
This assignment will be used as an artifact for your electronic portfolio at the end of the course.
Include the following in your outline:
Lesson Objectives
Timeframe and target environment
Three to four teaching strategies-based on Evidence-Based Practice.
A summary of the types of assessments you would use in your lesson and why?
Provide rationale for the teaching strategies you implemented into each lesson and why they differ.
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.
This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.Nurse Educator Nursing Plan Essay.
You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite
This assignment benchmarks the following competency:
Master of Science in Nursing with an Emphesis in Education
6.1: Apply instructional strategies grounded in evidence-based practice and learning theory that meet the unique needs of learners in diverse environments.

Nursing Teaching Plan by the Nurse Educator for Instruction in the Clinical Setting
A nursing lesson plan by a nurse educator is a teaching tool that is aimed at facilitating teaching and learning. It is a detailed guide on what a nurse educator will be doing during an entire teaching and learning session, and is produced on a daily basis for each individual lesson. It is a statement of the outcomes to be achieved at the end of the lesson and how they are to be achieved (Ebenezer, n.d.). One teaching and learning experience from clinical practice in which a lesson plan is crucial is emergency department placement. This is where split second decisions are required. However, they need to be accurate, appropriate, and based on current evidence. This is the teaching and learning clinical setting chosen for this paper. This paper looks at a model lesson plan that would be appropriate for this clinical setting, as well as asynchronous online instruction setting and synchronous teaching of nurses in a clinical environment setting.Nurse Educator Nursing Plan Essay.
A lesson plan being an indispensable teaching and learning tool has particular purposes which include guiding the nurse educator and keeping them on track as per the lesson contents, helping boost the confidence of the teacher with rhe course material, assisting the nurse educator in using the most appropriate teaching and learning methods, and enabling evaluation of the content taught6and learnt at the end of the period of instruction. Some of the principles a nursing lesson plan include that it should only serve as a guide and not a road map that is cast in stone. This neans that the nurse educator can at any time in the course of the lesson make appropriate changes to the teaching and learning approach. The other principles are that the nurse educator must be knowledgeable about the topic being taught, the teaching content must be organised, the students must be able to participate in the teaching and learning process, and the lesson plan must enable the use of different teaching and learning methods (Ebenezer, n.d.). The following is a model lesson plan that could be used in the clinical settings mentioned above (Strouse et al., n.d.; Harrow College, n.d.).Nurse Educator Nursing Plan Essay.
Nursing Lesson Plan
Prerequisite The prerequisite knowledge for instruction in these settings involves the entire theoretical spectrum of subjects thatvrange from human anatomy, body systems, to pharmacology. This is what provides the conceptual framework for the students to si. simulate practice according to available evidence (evidence-based practice).
Setting Emergency department clinical setting, asynchronous online instruction setting, and other synchronous clinical settings (face-to-face instruction).Nurse Educator Nursing Plan Essay.
Strategies for instruction/ learning i. Interactive teaching and learning strategy: This is the strategy that involves sticking to the lesson plan principle that requires that the students participate actively in the learning process. In the synchronous setting, it involves encouraging the nursing students to ask direct questions as the session progresses. They can also criticise the teaching approach and even propose changes. These changes can be made as the lesson progresses because tge other principle states that the lesson plan is just a guide. In the asynchronous setting, interactivity can be fostered by chats, video conferencing, text, and email amongst other modalities.
ii. Activity-based teaching/ learning strategy: This strategy will be especially useful in the synchronous clinical instruction setting where the nurse students will actually do the actual clinical tasks. This way, they will apply their evidence-based knowledge and practice their clinical skills.Nurse Educator Nursing Plan Essay.
iii. Course assignments strategy: This strategy will work in all the settings mentioned. It is based on the premise that the nursing students will be motivated to research on the subject matter when given an assignment to tackle (Horntvedt et al., 2018).
Lesson objectives The students should amongst other things at the end of the lesson be:
● Able to identify different disease conditions accurately;
● Able to identify the appropriate laboratory tests and imaging techniques that may be required to facilitate treatment.
● Able to identify the appropriate treatment and other interventions for the identified ailments, according to available scientific evidence (evidence-based practice).
Time frame 60 minutes (one hour).
Resources Classroom notes, visual demonstration by educator, library databases with published research articles.Nurse Educator Nursing Plan Essay.
Strategy rationale The rationale for the learning strategies above include that a student learns more effectively when they are involved in the process as opposed to being mere passive recipients. This is interactivity. Also, by being made to do a thorough search of content and material literature the students are shaped to be nurses that always make clinical inquiry. Clinical inquiry is the root of evidence-based nursing practice.
Activities The nursing students will actively participate in the assessment of patients in the clinical area. They will make appropriate diagnoses and come up with the necessary investigations. This will be both to confirm the diagnosis and also to guide the treatment. The nurse students will also be expected to thereafter come up with evidence-based interventions to treat the same patients.Nurse Educator Nursing Plan Essay.
Evaluation Evaluation will be two-pronged. First, it will involve informal assessment by the nurse educator from the participatory questions asked and also from the performance of the students in the clinical tasks. However, there will also be a written assessment at the end of the instruction period.Nurse Educator Nursing Plan Essay.

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