Nurses are changing the World! Essay

Posted: November 21st, 2022

Nurses are changing the World! Essay

Post a 3-paragraph response (of at least 350 words) to either Option 1 or 2 below. Before you begin writing, reflect on your reading from this week. Use the writing resources and the Week 6 Discussion Rubric to develop your post. Be sure to use evidence, in-text citations, and essay-level writing skills, including the use of transitional material and organizational frames. Option 1 As a nurse scholar-practitioner, how do you now, and how will you in the future, advocate for patients and effect positive social change in health care? OR Option 2 Address one of the six key areas of health care discussed in the ANA Social Policy Statement. Explain how you will shape the future for nursing to fulfill nursing’s social responsibilities.Nurses are changing the World! Essay

Nurses are changing the World


Option 1

As a nurse scholar-practitioner, how do you now, and how will you in the future, advocate for patients and effect positive social change in health care?

As a nurse with a few years under my belt, I have had the opportunity to work in different fields of nursing. From telemetry, PEDI ICU, Adult day care and Medical-surgical floor. Now I currently am working as a home health nurse clinical manager. Home health nursing deals with an understanding of the community need to help in creating awareness on preventive healthcare(Bradbury-Jones, & Taylor, 2014). I feel that Home health nursing has given me a greater view and understanding of the needs of my community and can focus my calling to the lack of education in regards to preventive care. As a nurse practitioner, I hope to make a difference by educating my patient and family on the importance of preventative care. This is because creating awareness on the preventive healthcare provides patients and the family knowledge on how to stay healthy and prevent diseases.Nurses are changing the World! Essay

In my community, the United States culture is very skeptical when it comes to routine doctor visits and follow-up appointments. I know that several of our patients will not go to their follow-up appointment because “The Dr. only want my money,  I already feel fine,” or “I’ll  just go to the US and buy some antibiotic and don’t need to see a Dr.” Knowledge deficit is a genuine and serious problem not only in my community but nationally. I hope to be able to provide my patients with the knowledge to make a better decision and empower them to take control of their health.

Making a better decision about health will help the patients and families to spend less due to controlled health burdens.Many nurses might consider that social impact is too far removed from their day-to-day practice to be relevant (Bradbury-Jones, & Taylor, 2014). Nurse are the front line of healthcare; we see patients day in and day out. We grow to know our patients, their needs, and support or lack of support. We directly impact each patient we see. Change starts here with us.Nurses are changing the World! Essay


Bradbury-Jones, C., & Taylor, J. (2014).Applying social impact assessment to nursing research.

Nursing Standard (Royal College of Nursing (Great Britain): 1987), 28(48), 45-49.

doi:10.7748/ns.28.48.45.e8262. Nurses are changing the World! Essay

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