Nurses Role in Policy-making Essay.

Posted: November 18th, 2022

Nurses Role in Policy-making Essay.


Nursing has become one of the largest professions in the world, and as such, nurses have the potential to influence policy and politics on a global scale. When nurses influence the politics that improve the delivery of healthcare, they are ultimately advocating for their patients. Hence, policy-making has become an increasingly popular term among nurses as they recognize a moral and professional obligation to be engaged in healthcare legislation.Nurses Role in Policy-making Essay. To Prepare: Revisit the website provided in the Resources and consider the role of RNs and APRNs in policy-making. Reflect on potential opportunities that may exist for RNs and APRNs to participate in the policy-making process.


By Day 3 of Week 8 Post an explanation of at least two opportunities that exist for RNs and APRNs to actively participate in policy-making. Explain some of the challenges that these opportunities may present and describe how you might overcome these challenges. Finally, recommend two strategies you might make to better advocate for or communicate the existence of these opportunities to participate in policy-making. Be specific and provide examples.

Ways RNs and APRNs can participate in Policymaking Actively
The Health biosphere is currently experiencing policy reforms. The majority of the healthcare workforce is comprised of nurses. Hence, governments around the world are encouraging nurses to engage in national policies actively. Numerous openings are existing that RNs and APRNs can use to participate in policymaking actively. However, there are two main ones. These include professional organizations. In America, there are numerous RNs and APRNs organizations. These are the American Academy of Nursing, American Nurses Association (ANA), and Emergency Nurses Association, among many others. All these organizations enable the nurses to participate in making policies both locally and globally.Nurses Role in Policy-making Essay.
The workplace is another opportunity RNs and APRNs can use to partake in making policies. The profession of nursing involves the science of caring. The daily work of nurses is to nurture and advance people’s health (Milstead and Short, 2019). Also, they are obligated to promote quality health by providing the best services. These responsibilities enable RNs and APRNs to influence the policymaking process, especially in healthcare delivery programs. Besides, the workplace helps them review the policies passed and ensure they effectively endorse the expected services (Milstead and Short, 2019). Workplace give nurses the authority to either decline or accept policies and request for reviews. Moreover, through the workplace setting, nurses propose policies that promote quality care. For instance, nurses can make policies that affect the allocation of funds.
Just like everything else, these opportunities present numerous challenges. Some of the challenges include complex processes when it comes to applying for membership. Many nurses have not and do not intend to join these organizations because the managerial in them have set complex qualifications for joining. Also, managers of some of these associations have poor leadership skills making the organizations not worth joining. The challenges paused here can be resolved through establishing a simple and easy to comprehend process of joining the professional organizations—also, reform associations experiencing poor leadership.Nurses Role in Policy-making Essay.
Conversely, the workplace opportunity present challenges. This is because most of the nurses are ever busy working for their patients to the extent of forgetting their other roles (Milstead and Short, 2019). Additionally, some nurses feel like they are better or doing great than others, which causes disunity among them. In such cases, for instance, in the first scenario, nurses should create time and avail themselves to make policies. They should also know that all their work is appreciated, and instead of competing, they require to unite and focus on the set objectives. Rogue leaders in the workplace should be eliminated to give young nurses opportunities to grow the leadership skills that can help them make better policies (Arabi et al., 2014).Nurses Role in Policy-making Essay.
The two strategies that I would recommend to be used in creating awareness of these opportunities are virtuous leadership and training. Nurses require efficient training to learn all the roles expected of them in their place of work and society at large (Milstead and Short, 2019). On the other hand, excellent leaders always give juniors opportunities to exercise their skills. Besides, leaders of professional organizations determine people who join. Thus, professional organizations should have thoughtful and ethical leaders.Nurses Role in Policy-making Essay.
In conclusion, numerous openings exist that RNs and APRNs can use to participate in policymaking actively. These include professional association and workplace, among many others. However, these opportunities pause challenges such as complex processes during the application, disunity, and poor leadership. The problems can be solved through nurses focusing on the common goal, which is participating in policymaking. The organization leaders should develop a smooth process of application. But, also strategies of creating awareness like training should be implemented to ensure that nurses have practical information regarding their roles.Nurses Role in Policy-making Essay.

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