Nursing Diagnosis and Management of the Fifth Disease.

Posted: December 28th, 2022

Nursing Diagnosis and Management of the Fifth Disease.


The fifth disease, also known as the slapped cheek disease, is a rear disease that occurs to all age groups, but children are the most affected. The symptoms in children and adults are slightly different. An 18 months old child with the condition will have symptoms like fever, headache, runny nose and stomach upsets (Kostolansky & Waymack, 2019).


However, the most distinctive feature and often used for diagnosis is a bright red facial rash that may appear in one or both cheeks. During prognosis, the rash may spread to other parts of the body including the arms, thighs, trunk and buttocks (Habif et al., 2017).The fifth disease is caused by the human parvovirus B19 that is spread through blood, respiratory secretions and hand to hand contact.Nursing Diagnosis and Management of the Fifth Disease.

A family nurse has a role to play in a child diagnosed with the conditions. He/she should develop nursing diagnosis and interventions to management of the same. Fever being one of the symptoms the nurse should often check the temperature and determine the need to reduce clothing’s or administer antipyretics. The nurse should also assess for pain both in the head and stomach. Now that the kid can talk, the nurse can ask questions on an addition to observation. Depending on the findings on the level of pain, the nurse will decide to administer analgesics. The other significant role is educating the mother or the custodian on the prevention of the disease. Prevention measures of the condition will reduce the chances of reoccurrence, spreading to other members of the family and aid in easing the symptoms (Bloomfield, et al., 2016). Such measures include proper hygiene like washing hands regularly both the child and other family members. The mother should also ensure that the child does not share food or other personal items during that period.Nursing Diagnosis and Management of the Fifth Disease.

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