Nursing Role And Scope Assignment Paper

Posted: December 8th, 2022

Nursing Role And Scope Assignment Paper

Running head: NURSING ROLE AND SCOPE Nursing Role and Scope Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Date 1 NURSING ROLE AND SCOPE 2 1. a. Discuss current factors that influence the public’s image of professional nursing? b. How can you, as a nurse/student nurse, tell members of society what professional nurses do? Different factors primarily influence the public image of professional nursing. For instance, the community possesses various misconceptions, myths, and stereotypes regarding nursing (Braganca & Nirmala, 2017). This is driven by a general misunderstanding of the nursing role by the general society.


Most of these misconceptions poorly paint a bad image on the profession and thereby significantly contribute to the low enrollment of students to nursing schools. It is from such a misconstruction that some societal members stereotype nurses and view them as lesser personalities within the medical field. Some patients and associates with patients may, therefore, show a high level of ignorance or disrespect to professional nurses. The high number of women who are professional nurses have also impacted the image of nursing as one that is not gender-neutral, and that is highly feminine. There are, however, a lot of campaigns being encouraging the enrollment of more men into the profession to facilitate a gender balance (Kaur, Maheshwari & Rawat, 2017). On the other hand, on a positive element, there is a lot of respect in the value of nursing in the provision of car .. Nursing Role And Scope Assignment Paper Purchase to get full answer

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